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On Transition, Changing Jobs, and Moving On

We usually spend a lot of energy thinking about ‘changing’, whether it be jobs, homes or for some, even relationships. When we finally get around to changing, whatever it is, it is never easy…the comfort and certainty of the familiar is difficult to leave, and we start to think as to why we wanted a change in the first place. You take risks when you change, and hopefully, have understood the new challenges versus the rewards of experiencing new things. Transition is never easy…I’m having one right now…It was sad saying goodbye to friends I have made through the years in the office, but you know when it’s time to go. Was clearing my drawers today, and old memories came like a flood. Those ten years, with all the pain and joy, the ups and downs, will always be cherished in my heart and mind. I treasure old memories. Without wearing me down, and looking at it with the right attitude, they contribute to who I am today. :))
~ 8 July 2011,

Canon 5D 24-85 mm lens, train tracks, New Jersey

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