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Release of my book 'The Forsaken Muse, a Woman's Journey from Sorrow to Hope'

My book went LIVE last Easter and now available in all major online stores like, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, I believe some shelves too of Barnes & Noble, etc.
The book will be part of the new books launched and displayed in Book Expo America from 24-26 May in New York. (Pls see link for details).
_Thanks soooo much for everyone’s support. (special mention to Anna Shaw & ChasingSooz here in RB) _ ♥♥♥
The Forsaken Muse please join in the celebrations for Rowena Moonlover – Pink Panther Forum

Travel Notice: (will provide details)
Book Expo America where book is participating ~ 24, 25, 26 May
New Jersey ~ book reading
Maryland ~ book reading with internet connection beamed to Philippines
San Francisco ~ book reading/sharing
LA – TV show ~ interview and reading

Book Feature: Artrageous Art group care of ChasingSooz Artrageous Artists Group
Friends of Red Bubble
Book Feature: Pink Panther magazine, July edition care of Anna Shaw ~ coming

I am compiling and writing an article ~ tips for ‘First-time Authors’ for RB friends, (doing this with Anna Shaw, so watch out for this)…..
Mentioned in my book ~ RB Community, page 89, With Love & Thanks, for being such a great community of artists.


  • MaryMac
    MaryMacalmost 4 years ago

    I’m very excited for you, R.
    Congratulations again sweet shining start : )

  • sweetie thanks for the support. xxx

    – moonlover

  • MaryMac
    MaryMacalmost 4 years ago

    I’m very excited for you, R.
    Congratulations again sweet shining start : )

  • chasingsooz
    chasingsoozalmost 4 years ago

    Earlier today a thread was also started for you in Friends of Redbubble Forum

    Congratulations again on your impressive accomplishments. xox

  • thanks sweetie. have not finished when you commented, pls check again, I have put link and special mention:). x ~ am going mental Sooz, so much to do before my trip, been sleeping at 2:30 Am each night. :)) am sure it will get better. I go on the 20th.

    – moonlover

  • waterlily
    waterlilyalmost 4 years ago

    congratulations and goodluck to you Rowena !

  • thnaks Waterlily. x

    – moonlover

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersalmost 4 years ago

    All the very best to you Rowena, fabulous opportunity . . .

  • thnaks Hugh, pls email me re the collab or words you Bubmailed me, maybe i can do for one of your images at least, just give me context. Maybe I can do, even on the plane to the US:)) Good luck to your endeavours.

    – moonlover

  • msphotoed
    msphotoedalmost 4 years ago

    Congratulations. Will buy your book. Have seen the cover from the link and the synopsis, looks excellent.

  • thanks MS. You are great support to us :)

    – moonlover

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perryalmost 4 years ago

    This is very exciting, Rowena…I have always said that our best efforts and deepest meaningful work unfortunately comes from our darkest times..
    What makes what you are doing that is so special is that you are turning every shade of darkness into light all the while leading a path for others who may need help finding their way..
    To me, thats the most exciting part.. You can only really find the real person deep inside when life throws really horrible curveballs..In a typical American fashion, I will congratulate you for digging your feet in and hitting it out of the park in spite of the daunting prospects to even see the ball never mind hitting it all the way out..

  • Hey Chris, sorry was answering your comments one at a time, I want to answer well as it is so insightful. But yes, we learn more & maybe we remember more from our not so pleasant experience sothat we don’t fall again where we tripped over. I have a saying from my old folks (a Southeast Asian proverb), ’Don’t go back to eat your own vomit’. A bit harsh but very true. The things that are not good for you, you should not go back to have them again:)) And yes, it’s wonderful to be able to lead or encourage otehrs to the light or some hope.

    – moonlover

  • jatro
    jatroalmost 4 years ago

    Congratulations, Row! That’s amazing! Very happy that you are working very well with your poems, photographs and books. All my best wishes to you! :) J

  • Dear J, how have you been? Have you seen my book cover? it might inspire you to draw again:)) ….People say it’s a bit like a painting. My photoartist is great. Hope you are well too. x

    – moonlover

  • Carol Knudsen
    Carol Knudsenalmost 4 years ago

    Awesome….Heartfelt congrats and all the best Rowena ♥

  • Thanks Carol….I’m able to keep going because of friends like you. x

    – moonlover

  • patcheah
    patcheahalmost 3 years ago

    Congratulations ,Rowena! So happy for you!

  • Thanks Patcheah, this has been awhile. Sorry for late reply, have not been on RB a lot. x

    – moonlover