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Daily Musings- My Art: What is important?

This is just a thought that came to my mind today. I load an art work, and gets so happy when people make comments on my work. I think this is normal, that we as artists want to be appreciated for our work.
But then again, I ask myself…..and this is my epiphany today…..I do my work for myself. It is an expression of me, what I was thinking, what I want to convey, or something that I want to make a commentary on. My poetry is me from the past, now and in the future, and how I interpret the rhythm of life. My photography is a hobby that I take joy in doing.So I will have work that few people will comment on, or take as favorite, and some that will be so popular, or some that don’t even have any comment or will hardly have views. So what conclusion will I make?
So there will be some work that I really really like, and hardly get any comment, and of course, some that can surprise me as to what people think about them.
And my question? Does it mean I did better or worse depending on people’s views, or perception?
I think I know the right answer to my own question. it doesn’t matter what people perceive, or think…..At the end of the day, I make my art mostly to express myself.
Ocassionally, I write for friends who ask me to, but always, it is me motivating me.
So then, I am telling myself, I will create my art for my own sake. It may not be always popular, but I am being honest with myself. I wrote a piece once about the duty of an artist to do something for humanity’s good and that still is not in conflict with what am saying; the reason being that it is still a part of creating art the way I want to express it – that it has to do good for humanity; that is, lifting people’s spirit, or even confronting humanity with a truth that is hard to deny.
Whatever it is, I tell myself now, it doesn’t matter…..
……keep loading your art, Moonlover:-)
5 Oct 2010

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