Proud Smoker And His Friend by Mojca Savicki

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Proud Smoker And His Friend by 

Istanbul, Turkey

Well. Lately, I don’t take enough time to participate regularly on this site. Besides, it’s often a hard decision which photo to upload…..So, the other day I came to an idea…I thought, Uneasy has access to some of my photos so, I asked Uneasy to do a job for me :), and this was – to pick out a few photos which he would like to see here. He gladly accepted my “offer” :-) (thanks Kevin!) and gave me a few that he liked. This is the first one.

I have to say that I really like such cooperation, it’s very helpful hehe and also, i’m happy he decided to choose this one particular photo.

I don’t know how exactly conversation started between these boys and me, but I remember that he was showing off with a cigarette which, BTW, he picked up from the ground. I took a few photos and they started to beg me for money…“Give money, one lira, one lira!” they shouted. So I, nice as always :), gave one lira to each one of them, asked them not to go and buy cigarettes, off course :). They were three and were perfectly happy with what they got (so I thought hehe), and also promised they will never, never buy cigarettes, just water hehe. Well, ok, i thought :)….and went down the street. And they walked down the street too, following me. Two steps behind my back. I figured they weren’t happy with what I gave them :). But it wasn’t that. Now they wanted to have sex with me LOL. Yes, i’m not kidding. They were begging for it. I asked if they even knew what they were saying and they probably didn’t understand English cause i got no answer. “Please lady, I f**k you?” the one with the cigaret kept repeating while he started unzipping his jeans (only when no one else was around, off course haha). “Ok, well, he knows what he is saying”, I thought to myself :). I was not affraid of those kids at all, just shocked, as I was not prepared to I would have to deal with children stalkers and nothing what I said, and I was saying a lot and loud, pushed them away. They only got more agressive in their intentions. Not even a guy who accidentially came along and noticed what was happening, could do anything. They didn’t listen, they were persistent in their intentions. But just until I mentioned the police. I don’t know why I didn’t remember to do that earlier, maybe because all was, however, in a way interesting or entertaining, but it helped when I did :). They disappeared though I’m sure they had me on sight eve later, but didn’t dare to come closer :). A bit later, i saw a little one buying a pommegranate. He was all eyes earlier when we together passed a stand with millions of them…After all, he was just a kid :). And oh, he didn’t buy cigarettes…:)

That’s the only bad experience, if I can even call it that, that happened to me in Istanbul, in the city that so many think is very dangerous, especially for women traveling alone. I can’t say it’s a dangerous city. I didn’t see it this way. Maybe it is but my experience is very different. I met many nice and friendly people. THOUGH, women, you rather be aware of little boys, it cannot hurt hehe….

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  • UnEasy
    UnEasyover 2 years ago

    Wow, that’s quite a back story :D And you said Istanbul isn’t dangerous, lol :))) I must say you are the plucky traveler Mojca!!! I know you don’t often write narratives for your images but I’m really glad you did here. Without judging these kids, I can’t help imagining them as street urchins without the kind of homelife and support mechanisms most of us knew as children. And I won’t judge them as I’ve never walked the tough streets of Istanbul without 2 lira to rub together as a kid. I think your candid captures a worldliness and toughness arrived at way too soon, in an brilliant, edgy, almost dark way. Truly a fascinating glimpse into another world. IMO among your very best work in the street photography genre.

  • Hehe…yes, i’m still saying that Istanbul is probably way less dangerous as many big and small cities around the world in which woman alone has nothing to do on the streets in the evenings and at nights. In Istanbul, I didn’t have a feeling I was in danger. But, as it’s the case everywhere, you have to know which places you have to avoid at certain times and people always tell you that if you talk to them :)…Maybe I’m wrong thinking that those boys weren’t dangerous and they were only showing off, I really didn’t take them seriously, I admit, they were just very anoying. After all there were three of them. I’m only asking myself in what kind of a person are they going to grow, living life on the streets – that’s more concerning to me – and it’s true that I would not be happy to meet any of them as adults :)…But as you said, we can’t judge them now because it is not their fault at all…

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Esther  Moliné
    Esther Molinéover 2 years ago

    It’s sad… As you say, who knows what kind of adults they’ll grow into… You get the feeling even just from the picture and before reading your story (what a story!) that they’ve already experienced too much for their age and they’re leaving behind their childhood innocence far too early… I find it a wonderful but also very sad capture

  • yes, in a way it is sad, esp when you know how many kids is living a life like these 2…thanks so much for commenting Esther :)

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Berns
    Bernsover 2 years ago

    Beautiful work!

  • Thank you Berns!!

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Maree Cardinale
    Maree Cardinaleover 2 years ago

    What an evocative image and thanks so much for sharing the story.

  • Ma pleasure Maree…thanks very much!! :)

    – Mojca Savicki

  • faceart
    faceartover 2 years ago

  • Thank you very much Klaus!!

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Rosehaven
    Rosehavenover 2 years ago

    Click the banner to congratulate your Fellow Artists

  • Thank you very much Rose!!

    – Mojca Savicki

  • tori yule
    tori yuleover 2 years ago

    Excellent work, but your words and image.

  • Thank you so much Tori!!

    – Mojca Savicki

  • faceart
    faceartover 2 years ago

    Excellent, dear Mojca!

  • Thanks a lot, dear Klaus! :-)

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Danica Radman
    Danica Radmanover 2 years ago

    “cause he is one mature man” :)) all adoration from a friend – absolutely gorgeous image, Mojca (thanks Kevin)

    :) your youtubes i just discovered – holy mother! it is great to see your photos in youtube flow

  • Thanks so much Danica!

    yeah, music gives a special mood to them, i should do more flows like this :)))

    – Mojca Savicki

  • Mark Smart
    Mark Smartover 2 years ago

    Congratulations, your work has been featured in “* A Street Story *”: – 15th January 2012

    Great expressions and thoughtful image Mojca!

  • Thank you very much Mark! Always appreciate it!!

    – Mojca Savicki

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