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Butterfly Heaven

Glorious garden in heaven / How art thou a sanctuary for my solace? / A shelter for my heart from those terrible winds of change. / You…

Synonymous Soup

Frontier of the acid test / Kaleidoscopic dinner set / The secret from the daily fuzz / I’m hooked to the minute buzz

Ode to the Ancient Psychonaught

From the colours of space, / To my uninhabited ghostly estate. / Comes the lightness of one being.

The Bitch Travels Fast…

O Daddy-O , O Romeo / Art thou a Romeo? / Was doing my time in hell / Doing the beat think swell.

Midnight Wants Me

Bare and twisted, / The history of my obsessions / Mask the magick mayhem with / Psychedelic wands.

The Trinity Of Me

My phone has eyes / It has a camera that fabricates lies. / It takes the right side of me / It hides the far side of me / Its the dark tha…

Hello Scorpio

Well here you are / You’re the one that almost got away! / Now six inch, nine inch nails / Through the thick of your piss-hole heart.

The Smoke Of Retribution

It was more than hate / From a secret you could not keep, / You were arrested by my development. / You stood so pale, misguided.

Dots And Dashes

I am defined / I am subliminally refined / Removed from where I am / Taken to the one trick man.

Uneasy Virtue

To stand the test of me, / For whatever it may be. / To the cotton candy wisdom, / From those backstreets of Lisbon.

Circum Maxiimum Overdrive (Love, this is my song)

In the pavillions of virtual chaos / The seance was perfect pathos. / Ouija board to ground control, / Circuits dead, that’s someone…


Here am I, without form, / Invisible to the human norm. / Where no thing lives forever / Where no weeds rise up never.