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Orchestra The loss of you is a minor key, / The silence is just a sympathy / Your violins of derogatory / Are a symphony with a eulogy. Born Again Virgin (Mature) ( It ) was a ( Magnificent Obsession ) Tis was a posthumous blog of anecdotes and innuendoes, rumours of my death by misadventure , it became an erotic fixation for It. Surfer Girl Impoverished intellectual surfer girl gravitates towards the Sun King and deifies the moon goddess. “Come and get it” ( the shadow of y… The shadow of your love / Is a delicate thing / It can be the monster of misery / A prince of madness / A royal badass Drive-in Astronaut Crush, kill, recoil! / Space cadets in tin foil. / My orbital space junkie / In free association spin funky “In Disposition” In my pre-programmed resistance / Is a wax lyrical persistence / It mirrors the distortions / Of worlds in portions. After The Flood Volcano rabbit entered my room to drag the rat of despair underneath my bed to decompose a symphony of melancholy nightmares Viber Selfie  by MoonlightLover For The Love of Being I walked the evening to the beat of my heart / Relinquishing the days that tore me apart / The pleasure of being there only for me / Boundl… Recognisance Of The Mechanical Beauty Here inside her cosy nook / Floor to ceiling with burning books / Pages filled with tiny secrets / Cloak and dagger with lyrical treatment The Ides of Isis To the ends of the earth at the start of birth the ego was altered by the mischievous Id. The Hunchback In an altered state of consciousness / You can breathe the air of consequence. / Moonstruck by the stardust above / A desire to see the co… “Prometheus, baby, oh baby!” You storm chase the coat tails / Of a circling hurricane and expect / To find calmness in my eyes? A Scrapbook Of Phantom Love Dust and die, the quick and the cloud, / Page after page of exploding teardrops! / Stained with the fragrance of love, / The earth shatteri… Witch Bitch A nameless bird by name / Whose infamy is fame / Her flights of guiltless fantasy / Are free in dreams of anarchy A Cognitive Autumn The elocution of a cryptic smile that can never be erased is when the barking spiders from Venus enter the atmosphere of love through a cor… The Snakes Of Our Desire It was from a cloudburst, / I rained down on you! / Can you remember? / Soaked you with my obsession, / I drowned in your repression! *This is what it feels like when love’s magic mel… Summer air in the middle of fall / Sonic bloom through an ultra-thin wall / When love replaces what came too soon / Say goodbye my moody mo… Invisible think, invisible ink Invisible think, invisible ink? A Paradise For Exiles I was about to disembark on the lonely island of perilous where a vision of juggernaut Jesus appeared walking like a douche on water. I Androgynize The strange brew of consciousness shall never invade the dreams of the significant other in a magic carpet ride of girl boy fantasy. A Natural Selection… Oink!! You arrest me with your sin! / So trembling in your bin! / Slithered the snake… Sound Cloud 9 A look of love powered from above, / Fills the void of annihilation with love! / She is the unimaginable gem! / An alien diamond in sunl… Funk the punk poet Funk the punk poet / Pours a rain of melody / On a white light of thought / Entrapped in dirty laundry / On a high-wire high over stard… Confessions from a Blocked head In the library and between the decrepit pages of my soul, / Lives the ghosts of my melancholy discord! “In The Shadow Of A Zeitgeist” The shadow of an unseen power / Drifts in my sleep ocean of fear. / It wades through the crest of the moonlit waves, / Crashing contempt o… Say.. It’s Just Another Love Song! Death chokes my gentle voice / To the waves crashing against / A plutonic shore! “Prayer for the Super-Lust” Survivors gather around the embers, to kick the moon dust to ignite the stardust! / Their blood is like new red wine, bubbling within in th… The Moonlight Is Back Dreams streams to the upper air. / Emerge to inhale the clean air! / Don’t think that I fucking care / Because I have the perfect hai… Corky King, Corky Ra and Summum Bonum Amon Ra In … It’s an in-house joke / As I light up my smoke! / It’s the coffee with the posse / Making me feel squashy! Bad Romance Was it my stoic look? / That you nervously took. / I hid my face in every crowd, / Whenever I saw you so fucking proud. The Merchant Of Shadows A gang of conceited shadows will one day steal the light and the moon will be their only beacon of hope. OVERNIGHT RADIO When the DJ is asleep / Records play on repeat, / Its overnight radio / My heartbeats in stereo! A Bend In The Tale Tears of sadness kept me alive, / Thoughts of madness fought to survive / Heaven and hell are perpetually bent, / Since sex and magic pays … The Adventures of Miss Perception ( with subtext ) I once met Socrates in Paris! / I knew I would be slightly embarrassed! / He was arguing that I don’t exist, / But do I really… give a sh… The Forgotten Muse In vintage times the folklore grew / When sounds of silence filled the room, / I would float with my feet, through city streets / Down to … An Equinox In Paradox I remembered… / It was from that violent storm on Jupiter! / I rose from my grave to discover I was / inside a time travelling capsule, … The Seeds Of Terror Innocence will wait like a blissful creature. / Its world is beckoning for discovery / To conquer with its love, / To extinguish the smel… Money Grass looks greener on the greenback side / Had to show the books so the money could hide! T.R.A.P.S It’s a miserable state for pigs / For the love of mud they dig / We cook their pork and fry their bacon / But it’s we who are mistaken! High Octane High Octane.. short and sweet. The Chronicles of Little Miss Argonaut I was nevertheless moderately thrilled to be unconscious in the ether this evening. / I would have slipped on my evening gown but my birth… A Tragedy In Three Acts MUrder In Periscope / In Vertigo In CinemaScope / Find Psycho In Horoscope Strange Days In Moonlight ( With Charlie The Tram… Strange Days In Moonlight : A Collaboration with Charlie The Tramp Perversions Of A Quiet Girl Shine light on a mystery / In five thousand years of history / Beyond the sea of eyes / Rise the cliffs of sighs A Thought In Silhouette At twilight, I sometimes allow myself to sit on the edge of an abyss. / Silhouetted against the window of creation, / The universe as my c… The Super Unknown Fear of flying / Fear in dying / Happy when we bought / Happy when we fought. Someone Like Me Strange how every word is uttered / With an undertone of thought / From the bittersweet past / To the bloody ended farce. I AM NOT A MUSE by MoonlightLover The State “Murder” Of Aaron Swartz is… Our government is using its power to destroy and to crush, by any and all means necessary. So what’s new? Death and Transfiguration In The Republic Of Love Sooner will the West cry me a tune, / Of lovers lost in a desert dune with silver spoons / One day my lips will kiss the sky / To all those… I Am Not A Muse! I’m no saint praying on a terrace / With bleeding roses! Ode To My Moonlight Lover ( A film ) Ode to My Moonlight Lover in film Modern Strength When you turn me over / Spread me like butter lover / With me eyes are wide open / The hymen of existence is broken The End Of The World!!! !Don’t know about you guys but I’m getting ready for the apocalypse by backing up everything on my exterior hard drive includin… Electrocute By Moonlight They say I’m no ordinary girl / A human tornado with a whirly curl / Trapped by Television / All trashed up in my Eurovision. Intermezzo With The Punkazoid At 14 I thought my life was over, / When everyone wanted to be a butterfly / I was happy to stay in my cocoon. Transmutations Of My Spirit Love The day we run out of land, / I will return to the ocean / and leave my feet in the sand. / Like a fish out of water! / The last gasp is al… Nocturnes By Xochiquetzal ( With JinnDow ) A collaborative effort with the incredibly talented JinnDoW aka Giovanni Dicandia formerly known as John Dicandia and affectionately known … Swing Time! Visions of a clock with no hands / Dreams of an hourglass without any sand. “In love with the cute ugly fat boyfriend&#… I’m so sorry my ugly little Rotund! / Did I hurt your feelings Wotung? / You know when Nero killed Pompea / He stomped on her Umpa! Little Earthquakes Tomorrow children will die of hunger when you purchase a Ferrari to go with my Lamborghini shoes! Tales From My Lucid Soup Remember that dress I wore for the prom? / It’s bloodied and torn from that suicide bomb! / How could the judge have got it so damn… All American Boy by MoonlightLover Death Of A Poet Once the poet is be dead and buried, / I’ll be Lazarus at a seance on a balmy / Sunday in the park. Creet Petit It was recess in the playground at midnight, / When I met a most peculiar girl in sight. / Her eyes were weird and lovely, / But with a st… Lovesickness In My Subterranean Blues In a ruined fortress of love! / Where Harpies circle over dead cherubs above, / Where are my western promises of eastern virtues? / But my … A Regress Into Hell If I can’t stand the heat, / You begin to lick the childhood tears / away from my face. Boy Toy X by MoonlightLover Facebook Inc  by MoonlightLover EX UTERO Inside my weird fortress of glass / No solitary stone could be cast / I could see the world askew / But the world could not see you. THE MOONLIGHT IS BACK!  by MoonlightLover So long farewell, auf weirdersehen adieu.  by MoonlightLover A little conversation in Heaven. It was in or around half past seven, / When I wondered whether people! / Could ever go to sleep in Heaven? / It maybe a superlative questi… The Antithesis Of An Ipso Facto Glimpses of life before you were born / A reincarnated child of an age before dawn. / Absenteeism in an escape to a black hole, / When all… Ms EGO CENTRIX My mind is clouded with remnants  of fear as my youth fades with each sunset. Trouble In Pussystan In Moscow, the trial of the activist-feminist group known as Pussy Riot continues into its second week A Trash Masterpiece by MoonlightLover Free "Fucking"Speech  by MoonlightLover
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