A Wave In The Shadows

Within my city, / I was disinterred / As lights grew grim, / My voice was heard!

The Trinity Of Me

My phone has eyes / It has a camera that fabricates lies. / It takes the right side of me / It hides the far side of me / Its the dark tha…

Hello Scorpio

Well here you are / You’re the one that almost got away! / Now six inch, nine inch nails / Through the thick of your piss-hole heart.

The Smoke Of Retribution

It was more than hate / From a secret you could not keep, / You were arrested by my development. / You stood so pale, misguided.

Dots And Dashes

I am defined / I am subliminally refined / Removed from where I am / Taken to the one trick man.

Uneasy Virtue

To stand the test of me, / For whatever it may be. / To the cotton candy wisdom, / From those backstreets of Lisbon.

Circum Maxiimum Overdrive (Love, this is my song)

In the pavillions of virtual chaos / The seance was perfect pathos. / Ouija board to ground control, / Circuits dead, that’s someone…


Here am I, without form, / Invisible to the human norm. / Where no thing lives forever / Where no weeds rise up never.

Mystical Freeze

That tenacious dead boyfriend, / An arbitrary firebrand. / Remained strewn across the Dead Sea, / I would laugh until I wept no more!

What Alice didn’t know, the White Rabbit kn…

From a hole in the ground / Came “that” boy from the town / From deep in the early morning bliss / Came a burning rocket from…

Just Right

In the birthplace of Goldilocks / Lived Maria of the Ogre frocks. / White race, master space…

Crashing boats

Like crashing boats; danger parks slowly into the Jungian banks of a / pearly subconsciousness….

From the Amoeba Files

When the spider spreads her wings / She lets evolution take her to the door.

Lipstick Traces

Sublime Moondoggie / Adonic surfer with the loaded gun, / Yo Andreas quake-spasm, yo so horrible and new.

Trip The Light

Trip the light fantastic / Cover me with plastic / Magic bullet grazed my roll / Passed the sauce to take my bowl

Night Moves

But when night moves, you get those side views. / You know, you are never alone in the fortitude of sola

The Great Indoors

Inside the great expanse of my head office one will see a sea of the abstract expressionless in pale complexions and cheap makeup under a s…

The Shadow Of Your Guile

The phantom tagger / The permanent marker! / Long live the anti-martyr / No moment for haste.


Let’s sing me a song to sing out of key. / And I will get your pumped up kicks for free.

The Sugarcoat Express

It’s hunger that keeps us awake / In a world that takes takes takes

Execution Of Conscience

A stay of execution / Through another journey of delusion / The elocution of my heart / Made you fall apart.

Who can it be?

Salvaged from accidents / A beating heart, open to start / Wounded by arrows of hate and lust.

Ayahuasca at Tiffanys

I know that Imago is Latin for imagination and the ancients like our dear old Romans converted invisible data into images we can see and le…

Watch This Space

After three years of drug free / I shall simulate the light of a TV / on my face as to look feebly.

A Cosmic Eudaimonia ..white with one sugar only

Recently I underwent the interplanetary near-death experience stimulated by three sugars in my coffee abuse.

Hydra Revisited

To confound the scheme, / I am wounded by carelessness. / But I continue to walk alongside / danger like she is a dear old friend.

Diary of a flashbacker

Whoever thought of splitting  anti-matter into a God particle was a dick.

Blow wave my disco punk

Come blow wave my love! / To my feline friends, sisters of  brotherhood and kissing cousins.

Enter at your own risk

All Romanovs are dead, / Stranger are the faces on your pillow in bed. / The secrets lie in your perfect eye, / Incognito lover of the hid…

Fevers with silver lining

Pumped up to my fucking knees / A cracked up poet with a social disease / In my trilogy of flyby love affairs, / Are sojourns in a Deser…

It’s not over till it’s over

Travelling on that train of thought / The one way ticket I thought we bought. / Validated by reasons unknown / It bypassed the dream route…


Daily transmissions with extrasensory overload / is the beginning of the end of our evolution.

Psychic Potato

Advice on how to survive on the dark side. Amulets ready, thunderbirds are go!

The Age Of Youth

Age has no fear / Danger is beautiful / Youth has no age to consent or reason to. / No borders or frontiers to divide her.

Drowning not waving

From the army of barefoot contessas, pistol whippers with the bicornes… /  

Jesus built my Prototype

It was the deconstruction of my band pass that opened up the sunroof of a / Frequency modulated preliminary prototype.

A short analysis of meaning

Without water, without a breath of fresh air you suffocate and shrivel from a lack of imagination and insight.

Shotgun Grammar

A question mark without a clause? / Is a sentence without a pause. / Subdugate the hidden verve, / Tis a monster to disturb.

The Existential Funk

Breathe in, breathe shout / Big bad love , on it’s way out / The old acquaintences, the hi by night / Outsourced angels in flight!

A Strange Normality

The intricate web of secrets was spun / by the orbiting ancient spiders that tied the stars / to the everlasting universe of chaos and cont…

24 Hours ( Recital )

In 24 Hours…..

For The Love Of Being ( Recital )


Awake in my somnambulism

I hope that one day I can become airborne again like a spore from a dandelion in spring.

The Heart of my war

My heart is at war / Caught between the crossfire / Of the mind and the soul.

Dead Genie


Sunshine Baby Blues

Musical sunshine from my past life shines from the speakers through the back door to my garden of tumbleweeds.

Dead as my Dada

The Dodo is dead / Long live the Dada!!

An Immaculate Reconception

I was on the last plane to leave before midnight. / Accidental tourist, haphard poetress on the run from Miss Adventure.

An eclipse in my conduit

My insuboridination to your petty whims is a button that I press to release myself from your indirect oppression.

Future Islands

I’m lying on the tracks of my iron clad tears as my miniature Indian feels the vibrations from an oncoming freight train of thought.

Death Cult Television

Alpha Viktor Romeo from the ISIS Aryan Blitzkreig alliance was the guest intruder on Big Brother uncut.

The unbearable burden of being

In this life… There is no tension, no passion, no spirit, just tiresome digital processions on newsfeed repeating the same world wear…

Sleeping With The Alien

Sleeping in the same room as others is another route to insight and understanding of how the aliens live.

Oh it’s The Passion of ChrisT!


Stranger on a train

Alone again on a platform with sunglasses, / Once again late evening. / Tonight was special, the midnight special.


The loss of you is a minor key, / The silence is just a sympathy / Your violins of derogatory / Are a symphony with a eulogy.

Born Again Virgin


( It ) was a ( Magnificent Obsession )

Tis was a posthumous blog of anecdotes and innuendoes, rumours of my death by misadventure , it became an erotic fixation for It.

Surfer Girl

Impoverished intellectual surfer girl gravitates towards the Sun King and deifies the moon goddess.

“Come and get it” ( the shadow of y…

The shadow of your love / Is a delicate thing / It can be the monster of misery / A prince of madness / A royal badass

Drive-in Astronaut

Crush, kill, recoil! / Space cadets in tin foil. / My orbital space junkie / In free association spin funky

“In Disposition”

In my pre-programmed resistance / Is a wax lyrical persistence / It mirrors the distortions / Of worlds in portions.

After The Flood

Volcano rabbit entered my room to drag the rat of despair underneath my bed to decompose a symphony of melancholy nightmares
Viber Selfie  by MoonlightLover

For The Love of Being

I walked the evening to the beat of my heart / Relinquishing the days that tore me apart / The pleasure of being there only for me / Boundl…

Recognisance Of The Mechanical Beauty

Here inside her cosy nook / Floor to ceiling with burning books / Pages filled with tiny secrets / Cloak and dagger with lyrical treatment

The Ides of Isis

To the ends of the earth at the start of birth the ego was altered by the mischievous Id.

The Hunchback

In an altered state of consciousness / You can breathe the air of consequence. / Moonstruck by the stardust above / A desire to see the co…

“Prometheus, baby, oh baby!”

You storm chase the coat tails / Of a circling hurricane and expect / To find calmness in my eyes?

A Scrapbook Of Phantom Love

Dust and die, the quick and the cloud, / Page after page of exploding teardrops! / Stained with the fragrance of love, / The earth shatteri…

Witch Bitch

A nameless bird by name / Whose infamy is fame / Her flights of guiltless fantasy / Are free in dreams of anarchy

A Cognitive Autumn

The elocution of a cryptic smile that can never be erased is when the barking spiders from Venus enter the atmosphere of love through a cor…

The Snakes Of Our Desire

It was from a cloudburst, / I rained down on you! / Can you remember? / Soaked you with my obsession, / I drowned in your repression!

*This is what it feels like when love’s magic mel…

Summer air in the middle of fall / Sonic bloom through an ultra-thin wall / When love replaces what came too soon / Say goodbye my moody mo…

Invisible think, invisible ink

Invisible think, invisible ink?

A Paradise For Exiles

I was about to disembark on the lonely island of perilous where a vision of juggernaut Jesus appeared walking like a douche on water.

I Androgynize

The strange brew of consciousness shall never invade the dreams of the significant other in a magic carpet ride of girl boy fantasy.

A Natural Selection… Oink!!

You arrest me with your sin! / So trembling in your bin! / Slithered the snake…

Funk the punk poet

Funk the punk poet / Pours a rain of melody / On a white light of thought / Entrapped in dirty laundry / On a high-wire high over stard…

Confessions from a Blocked head

In the library and between the decrepit pages of my soul, / Lives the ghosts of my melancholy discord!
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