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The Sugarcoat Express

It’s hunger that keeps us awake / In a world that takes takes takes

Execution Of Conscience

A stay of execution / Through another journey of delusion / The elocution of my heart / Made you fall apart.

Who can it be?

Salvaged from accidents / A beating heart, open to start / Wounded by arrows of hate and lust.

Ayahuasca at Tiffanys

I know that Imago is Latin for imagination and the ancients like our dear old Romans converted invisible data into images we can see and le…

Watch This Space

After three years of drug free / I shall simulate the light of a TV / on my face as to look feebly.

A Cosmic Eudaimonia ..white with one sugar only

Recently I underwent the interplanetary near-death experience stimulated by three sugars in my coffee abuse.

Hydra Revisited

To confound the scheme, / I am wounded by carelessness. / But I continue to walk alongside / danger like she is a dear old friend.

Diary of a flashbacker

Whoever thought of splitting  anti-matter into a God particle was a dick.

Blow wave my disco punk

Come blow wave my love! / To my feline friends, sisters of  brotherhood and kissing cousins.

Enter at your own risk

All Romanovs are dead, / Stranger are the faces on your pillow in bed. / The secrets lie in your perfect eye, / Incognito lover of the hid…

Fevers with silver lining

Pumped up to my fucking knees / A cracked up poet with a social disease / In my trilogy of flyby love affairs, / Are sojourns in a Deser…

It’s not over till it’s over

Travelling on that train of thought / The one way ticket I thought we bought. / Validated by reasons unknown / It bypassed the dream route…