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Today it’s ok to hate your TV set but leave it on anyway because sometimes, canned laughter and fake conversations is better then a lonely quiet room. / Today you can rearrange your furniture for no real reason in an attempt to confuse ghosts. / Today it’s ok to stare at your hands for too long and think of them as rings in a sawn tree. / Today, my love, you can call out for someone you know isn’…
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interesting things on youtube...... SAND DRAWING
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a Letter to my Boss

Dearest Mr Gilks, / Due to unforeseeable circumstances we must seek your good grace in releasing our client, one Mr S burgess, from his faithful and always high quality box packing duties on this afternoon, namely the seventeenth of August, in the foul year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nine. As always the spirit of Mr S Burgess can be summoned at anytime using the encha…
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Friends Mutants and Strangers… had a new idea to write what I call 5 min Fiction. The rules are a third party give you the idea for a short story in one sentence. You then have 5 minutes of there abouts to write a story. Thats it. Submit it and forget about it. Sort of like making love but without the weeping. / END TAPE
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