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This is the profile I’ve created for my conceptual, fine art and nude shots. For all my landscapes on RedBubble please click here

I love to create images that convey a mood or tell a story along different themes including:
- different emotional states and feelings
- the way our social and physical environment impacts on us and we on it
- relationships
- myths and fairy tales
- spirituality
- the form and beauty of the human body

  • Joined: July 2009


Censorship is alive and well on Lily-livered RedBubble

Yep some sad sexually insecure McCarthyist control freak chose to complain about my pic Burn Baby Burn – the shot of the model in thigh length boots who looked like her hair was on fire. I mean wtf??!! The whole point of that shot was the strength of the model’s pose in relation to the surreal look of her hair being on fire. You can see it over at DA if you’re a member – j…
Posted over 3 years – 23 comments

I'm in an exhibition - love you to come

Tap Gallery in association with The Head On Photo Festival is having a nude portraiture photography competition and exhibition judged by special guest Ken Done. / I’ve got 4 pics in it so if you’re in Sydney this week it runs all week and Opening Night is on Thursday 6pm so do drop in if you are in the vicinity. / Open every day from Monday 23 May to Friday 27 May 12:00 – 18:00 …
Posted about 4 years – 9 comments

If you think this is a good idea please vote for it

Well my picture The Kiss has finally been reviewed by RB and found not to infringe the RB guidelines (it only took SIX weeks) and can now be viewed again. So the scorecard on my censored images now stands at Troll/s 1, Geoff 1. / This debacle has prompted me to suggest an alternative way for RB to deal with pictures that trolls consider offensive. It still gives the trolls what they want plus mak…
Posted about 5 years – 8 comments

Some Very Funny Model Stories Here

I know you shouldn’t reinforce stereotypes but sometimes blonde jokes and model stories can be very funny. I got these off a current Model Mayhem Thread and thought you might get a chuckle or two. Warning to trolls – some risque stories here: / 1. Can you take 3 steps to your right? / huh? / 3 steps… that way (pointing) / LOL, I’m not good at math / true … ef…
Posted about 5 years – 6 comments

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