Dick  Iacovello

Dick Iacovello

Vineyard Haven, United States

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I Live on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Retired,(except for creative art flow).
Like to take walks on Land Bank properties,
of which there are many on this beautiful island.
The small town of Vineyard Haven is where I can
usually be found.
My diet of healthy organic foods are essential, but I do need daily Coffee.
Main st. is the place for me to catch up on my daily
activities.Walking & exercise on my Total Gym is necessary for part of it.
Always carry my camera, never miss a chance for
any kind of snapshot I think I can make more interesting
on my nightly voyage at my IMAC,
Photoshop, Facebook, & imagination are my vehicles.
Always on the go, & still loving it.

you can always go to…………
to see a complete listing of all my art.
it’s all there & all is available.

  • Age: 76
  • Joined: March 2010