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Demagoguery Talk Radio and The Republican Party Trickledown.

Not one month into President Obama’s administration and right on schedule the Republicans are shoveling the same old shit out of the same old bag of manure “cut taxes!” Whose taxes are they talking about (?). “Cut taxes” code for the incontinent trickledown economic theory espoused by a grade “B” actor Ronald Reagan and it failed, brought to fruition by the Bush-Cheney era and is being ejaculated out of the chubby sausage hole of Rush Limbaugh demagogue, who championed Sarah Palin while Rush Limbaugh played 24-7 “Barack the Magic Negro” on his pathetic radio show and hummed by his racists RepubliKlan ditto heads. “Cut taxes” of the Rich and Corporate America or cut taxes of the working middle class…the Republican war on the middle class will never stop. The majority of the middle class are in a financial world of hurt with very little savings and it is questionable as to who will have a job or keep their homes. If cutting taxes will without a doubt, in the Republican mind set stimulate the economy why not eliminate taxes altogether wouldn’t that create a tsunami of economic stimulation. Why not redirect all of the stimulus package money directly into each and every American citizen’s checking account and only on the condition that the recipients go on a gluttonous spending spree…whoa what a crock of shit you might say, just like saying the failed mantra of the Republican mind set of “cut taxes” whose taxes are they chanting about (?) and will it really stimulate the economy.
“In God we Trust” a rubdown panacea of the faith that some right wing Evangelical Republican nut jobs love to hymn and hallelujah mixing their religion and politics to create their version of America, a creation in their minds of “love it or leave it” please move to Alaska, your Barracuda awaits you. The Republicans lost the 2008 presidential election, did the hand of God tip the election one way instead of the other (?). Did God intervene like in some high school football game when prayer is invoked for God to help one side or the other to win a high school football game (?). Shouldn’t Evangelicals and other Republican cohorts support the new president and his administration in these times of trouble to come together as one America, if God decided this time the Democrats should have the majority? “Cut taxes” that is the tried and true ticket and “In God we Trust” a winning combo of voodoo Republicanism that will awaken America out of its economic malaise and spend and spend and spend Americas way out of a catastrophe of saving very little and voting only the party ticket and never questioning that Church and State should be separate…and never be equal. Trust the Republican Parties mantra you might as well trust the Devil or in God we trust and the economy will right itself out of the financial meltdown…have faith “cut taxes” will stimulate what ails the American economy and create jobs and prosperity.
“Cut taxes” the trickledown theory…more like a direct piss aim by the same old duplicitous lying Republicans who when they had the majority wasted a surplus left by an outgoing administration and waged a war based on lies and spent trillions of dollars adding to the existing Republican financial nightmare, no doubt they would prefer it to be bipartisan…whoa again not Republicans who believe in small government and minimal spending…the Bush-Cheney administration spent more money in the history of the United States and created a huge bureaucracy of elephantine proportions…the only taxes that they cut was for the Rich and Corporate America…whose taxes are the Republicans shouting about cutting? Of course ask any Republican and they will deny it was their party that caused this reality they don’t do anything one way or the other but shout “cut taxes” and “NO!” they must have been elsewhere when Bush-Cheney were out of control just blame the Democrats and yes the Democrats have a responsibility for some of the mess…but who was the majority party and in power while this freight train was building momentum to crash (?).
The Republican Party is getting its talking points today from Rush Limbaugh who is also the Grand Dragon Klansman for the RepubliKlans, he hails from Cape Girardeau Missouri and is a prescription drug addict Viagra popping misogynist draft dodger demagogue stoking the fiery cross of RepubliKlanism covertly masquerading as a Republican, broadcasting his brand of fascism to the ignorant and the faithful “ditto heads.” Rush Limbaugh wants tax cuts for just the rich and corporate America only…it will create jobs (?). ”Tax Cuts” mixed with Republican voodoo evangelical faux Christian hooey, the Rich and Corporate America…what hodgepodge hoopleheaded chubby sausage trickledown theory is that (?). The ditto heads are buying his ejaculations of “tax cuts”…what do they know “tax cuts” sounds good to them, how much will their “tax cut” be if they live in a mobile home or have lost their clapboard dream house and also lost their jobs with one month of savings and have to tithe that to the church of Republican faux Christianity while the Rich and Corporate America shout “tax cuts” translation “eat cake peasants“ you want tax cuts you will get tax cuts and tax cuts never created a job or built anything other than savings for the Rich and Corporate America. Listen to Rush Limbaugh he will squirt some real trickledown theory out of his little sausage pee hole in your ear, he is the ultimate RepubliKlan demagogue spokesman for the Rich and Corporate America and listened to by the ignorant ditto heads of the Republican base who are very ignorant and easily fooled…tax cuts are just the ticket for ditto heads waiting for…more stimulating talk radio from Rush Limbaugh and talk is all they will get from Rush Limbaugh the wind bag of Excellence In Broadcasting. He will not create one job or solve Americas financial crisis he just flames the fiery cross of RepubliKlanism and he scares the Republicans in office if they dare denounce him…after all Rush Limbaugh is their leader.
Tax cuts will solve the financial meltdown brought on by the very greedy bastards who started this nightmare of spend today the financial market will always right itself tomorrow…what a trickledown load of shit from the same manure salesmen…today is tomorrow.

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Demagoguery Talk Radio and The Republican Party Trickledown. by 

Asymmetrical rant…the demagogues have taken over the asylum and are the loyal opposition the Republican Party of the United States under the leadership of Rush Limbaugh a talk radio entertainment personality…the Grand Dragon RepubliKlan leader of the Republican Party…what the hell Republican or RepubliKlan there isn’t a difference…unless Republicans denounce him…they haven’t the balls to denounce him.


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  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryabout 5 years ago

    Prior to 04 November 2008, I read that “the election is in God’s hands.” well by golly, Yahweh himself must have voted for Obama! Praise Jeebus.

    Cut taxes? They might as well cut our throats and take a big ol’ dump in the gaping wound. Under their $300 tailored shirts, they wear tee shirts with the slogan “eat shit and die peasants”

  • The Republican Party is a party of dead ideas and dead adherence to St. Ronnie whose trickledown is yellow pee Kool Aid hosed out of the orifices of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, O’Ridiculous and John Booger’ner House Mouse Republican…even with their new RNC Chairman Michele Steele (wonder if Rush Limbaugh will give him the RepubliKlan LUV ?) it is still the RepubliKlan Party. Amazing that the ignorant party base still sucks and sucks up the party line…ignorant is ignorant. Tax cuts for those that have very little won’t do squat unless you have the big bucks and trickledown never did trickledown otherwise everyone would not be facing the reality of trickledown economics…and the ignorant Republican base still believes something will trickledown…more like a dump of caca which they eat ala alfresco…I am stopping for now…cut taxes it will stimulate the economy what a crock of Rush Limbaugh RepubliKlan poop…as for attire it is strictly KKK RepubliKlan hoodies. The only thing America really needs to fear are Republicans wearing RepubliKlan regalia made in China.

    – montdragon

  • DonnaProctor
    DonnaProctorabout 5 years ago

    “being ejaculated out of the chubby sausage hole of Rush Limbaugh demagogue, who championed Sarah Palin while Rush Limbaugh played 24-7 “Barack the Magic Negro” on his pathetic radio show and hummed by his racists RepubliKlan ditto heads.”

    Now that I’ve composed myself long enough to read the entire posting once I picked myself up off the floor from falling out of my chair with laughter at the above quote… I can only say: Right on, Right on, Right on my brother!

  • In this day and age it is incomprehensible that anyone would listen to the far right demagogues and not know they break wind and present it as flatulent facts. The new RNC chairman says there is nothing wrong with the Republican Party…Michele Steele is no Barack Obama if Michele Steele thinks there is nothing wrong with the Republican Party he is just a minstrel show performer strumming on the old banjo (harsh words but man get some balls Michele Steele and shout it out “no racist allowed”)…we need more than a two party system some say it will never happen…so for now it is Independents that hold the vote for change. If the Republican Party wants to move forward they need to denounce all the Rush Limbaugh’s in their party and kick them out ASAP. Limbaugh is a toad and his rhetoric is toxic to all Americans and there are some really decent Republicans (yes there are) they need to clean up the Republican Party now.
    Trickledown was a myth when St. Ronnie was preaching his gospel of drip drip economics and the proof is a reality now.
    Thanks for the comment and yes Rush Limpballs is a flabby flaccid dangerous joke with ditto heads a popping jerking off like splat splatting little frat boys on each other.

    – montdragon

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