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Al Qaeda from down on yonder in the land of Dixie DooDoo is a proud Republican…Al Qaeda follows the every word of the Grand Ayatollah Rush Limbaugh who has declared a fatwa…Ayatollah Rush Limbaugh shouts that he wants the current administration of America to fail and that means all Americans who are not Republicans the Party of No and Know-nothing…the call to hate is broadcast daily from Ayatollah Rush Limbaugh’s inner sanctum of his Rectumorium the Holy of Holies for Republicans who wait with bated breath breathlessly to hear new fatwas from their Ayatollah Rush and the call to “Jihad of WTF”…Republicans the American Taliban…they hate America and Americans…Republicans are working with Al Qaeda to destroy America…OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Tune into to Fox News they know it is true!!!!

…forever dyslexic one word less is one word more…design follows the eye before the shape shifts into form…when two hearts beat as one nirvana bliss a blink of joy…we are stardust star stuff of serendipity…art is a business of commodities for sale…caveat emptor oh yes for sure one woman’s junk is another man’s treasure…make me laugh and i am yours…

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  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 5 years ago

    Well . . . you said it all. Someone had to say it. Damn. You’re right! I think they do hate America and Americans! Irony of ironies!

  • It is official Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich are the fat old bald and semi-bald chickenhawk draft dodger white guys…all three megalomaniacs are the leaders of The American Republican Taliban Party none hold any elected office all three ejaculate hate and divisiveness and lies 24-7 and they hate Americans who did not vote Republican…I am not making this up…and these old white guys are using the tried and true methods of Fascism 101 rewritten by Karl Rove for American consumption it is “Fascism Lite Less Blood more Guts.” No one has sent any emails to Sarah “Barracuda” Palin or Bobby “Bollywood” Jindal and poor Mitt “Mitten” Romney and Rev. Mike Yuckabee Huckabee are just not hot studs or macho enough like the Mayonnaise triumvirate of “Dick Rush Newt” say that ten times kinda sexy and oh so Republican…of course maybe the Barracuda could campaign in a bikini with Bobby Bollywood warming up the right wing nut jobs (?) ha ha picture that before the KKK drags his Bollywood ass off to their barbecue and the juiced up Evangelical misogynist males shoot their wads all over the Barracudas “you betcha” of her betcha accoutrement’s of her grandma smirks and winks and her slogan “Ain’t I cute and ignorant vote fur me or I will cut and gut ya…wink wink”…while Micheal Steele raps “drill baby drill” up in everyones face…a caveat Vampires don’t die…they are all Republican Vampires so nobody better think that The American Republican Taliban Party is dead…just because they are eating and sucking on their own…that is Plan-B a diversion and the Democrats are easily fooled because they don’t think like Republicans…WAKE UP AMERICAN the terrorists are here…tune into Fox News you will see who exactly are the terrorist…Thanks for the drive by I appreciate your comment…BE EVER VIGILANT!!!!!

    – montdragon

  • hahpistuff
    hahpistuffover 5 years ago


  • The real scary thing is that they might make a comeback…Republican Vampires just keep on sucking even if they are The Republican American Taliban Party of 20% of their delusional Loony-Tunes “AhMericaa”…that sucking sound being heard is not just Sarah Palin…you betchaaaa!!!!

    – montdragon

  • Christopher  Ewing
    Christopher E...over 5 years ago

    if you truely think about it..they do hate america, they want everyone to be just like them.
    i just cant do that tho, i like too much and i believe in True freedom
    and rush..needs to be taken off the air!!
    but lucky for him us liberals/democrats rule, so he still has the right to say what he if we did it the republican way..he’d be off the air!

  • Sarah Palin discovered the “real America” while rapping her rapture of her Wasilla Hillbilly smirk and grin of “you betcha”…Rush Limbaughtomy knows his hate fan base listens reverently to the fatwas from his Rectumorium it is music to their ears very Wagnerian…der Führer Hitlers “fav.”..Rush’s dittoheads are racist, misogynist, right-wing nut-jobs, Evangelical faux-Christians…Sarah Palins “real Americans” just your average innocuous Republicans of The American Taliban. Everybody else is just faking being American…be vigilant politics is very fickle Democrats today Goon tomorrow Republicans of the American Taliban in power…Bush-Cheney two elections stolen in broad daylight, I ain’t making that up…thanks for your comment I do appreciate the drive by…peace 2U.

    – montdragon

  • Zolton
    Zoltonover 5 years ago

    Oh dear… they don’t hate Americans. Just the ones who aren’t pasty colored and don’t go to church on Sundays (whilst Monday through Friday that whole concept flies out the window) and the ones who don’t drive crappy American cars or eat and shop only at large corporate chains and the ones who don’t wear khakis with button up collar shirts and tacky ties and the ones who use the words “peace brother” and “it’s all good”. That’s all. You see differences are scary. They make us weak. Better to all be spoon fed by one gigantic idiot mind that tells us when we can take a crap and what type of soap to use. Errr… I didn’t just say all that. ; P

  • What you describe is not from the extreme far right of the Republican Party it is the mainstream Republican Party as it exists right now…wrapped up in the flag of Fascism…American Tailban style…fueled by Limbaugh or Beck and the others of Clear Channel or Fox News…funded by the super rich corporations or individuals who know there is a market for hate…unfortunately some say ignore them…as did the good Germans who ignored the Nazis…it just could not happen in Germany at that time (?) and it can’t happen here in America…it is deja vu same tactics same rhetoric the same Nazi style propaganda…or the terrorist propaganda of The American Republican Taliban…left or right extremist all use the same play book…different agendas the same methods and results…fear. Thanks for your comment Zolton be ever vigilant but not fearful.

    – montdragon

  • Alleycatsgarden
    Alleycatsgardenover 5 years ago

    ha – yes another masterpiece montdragon

  • Thank you…“politics is all local” a cliché and propaganda is a tool used by tools to tool their agendas both from the left and the right net result polarization…“what we have here is a failure to communicate” what is positive about about America…Fascism 101 has been embraced by The American Taliban its ugly face is Republican…anyone not “on their side” is the enemy both domestically and anywhere on the planet where anyone might take issue with their agenda and ideology of “Republican Might makes Right” even if it is blatant hypocrisy and obfuscation…peace to you be ever vigilant in “your neck of the woods.”

    – montdragon

  • tandoor
    tandoorover 5 years ago

    Hmmm, My take on this topic, might not directly correlate though.

  • TY 2U…Peace.

    – montdragon

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneover 5 years ago

    I would say that this made me laugh my pants off,

    if it wasn’t making me cry my eyes out.

    The truth is always the funniest.

    Sam Dantone

  • We get the real “news” from Stewart and Colbert while we laugh of course it is no laughing matter and a riff or two from Letterman, there is a lot of “truth” in their “comic essays” on what is and is not happening here in the land of the home and the brave. Too many times I hear or read what the Republicans say or think from their talking head sock puppets…there is no reality to it…“they just make stuff up.” Facts do not get in the way and reality is just their Twilight Zone of a meme virus spreading like a cancer of hate 24-7-365 they have become a Nazi cliché of Republican “Might makes Right” morphing into The American Taliban on a jihad with fatwas from their Grand Ayatollah Rush Limbaugh breaking wind from his Rectumorium the Holy of Holies for Republicans…the murder of Doctor Tiller…shooting up the Holocaust Museum…which right wing nut job personality do you think the shooter listened to…attacking gang bang style with all their smug self righteous zeal of misogynistic Republican dickhead dittohead mentality of Judge Sonia Sotomayor…I had better stop Republicans are without shame and not one bit the patriots they claim to be…yes they do hate anyone not on their side…Sam thanks I appreciate your comments…“First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin” Republican Nazis…deja vu…be ever vigilant.

    – montdragon

  • Kevyn Paul Eisenman
    Kevyn Paul Eis...over 5 years ago

    Unfortunitely, this is too damn true… I know Jefferson and Lincoln
    would definately not recognize this party now… Well done!

  • Republicans can’t even recognized their Party it has been hijacked by all of the extreme right wing coalitions of their Party…all nut-jobs…Lincoln would be castigated by the Ayatollah Rush Limbaughtomy by his fatwas blasting out of his Rectumorium the Holy of Holies for Republicans….and Saint Ronnie Raygun might just flip back to being a Democrat…just kidding on that. What boggles the mind is everything they do and say is out of the Fascism 101 play book refried as The Republican American Taliban propaganda with outright hate and lies…and they do hate anyone who is not a Republican…tune into Fox News or if you can deal with it listen to Rush Limbaugh deja vu Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister spewing der Führer’s garbage…Hitler would love Limbaugh and the Republican Party as it exist right now. Thanks for your comment peace to you.

    – montdragon

  • VanSnuG
    VanSnuGover 5 years ago

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … TRUE!
    I said True, not Right since Right is already … (fill the blank)

  • “Might makes Right” and being right is not always right and being left can get you left behind if the left is really not watching what the right hand is doing with their hand of hypocrisy and what they did at the ballot boxes like in 2000 and 2004 they will try again next election cycle…blackwhite speak with bellyfeel and doublethink with quack quack duckspeak from the Ayatollah Rush Limbaugh’s inner sanctum of his Rectumorium the Holy of Holies for Republicans…the old fat white boys and their Stepford wives…are humming Dixie and will not just go away…Tea Time with their teabagging gauche etiquette of faux patriotism has an appeal for some and others just waiting to see which way the wind will blow in the political area of voting American Idol style of fickleness…big money keeps Fox News and Clear Channel broadcasting 24-7…hate sells and fear is the hallmark of The Republican American Taliban Party…stay tuned…thanks for your comment…be ever vigilant.

    – montdragon

  • gingy
    gingyover 5 years ago

    couldn’t have put it better!

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