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“Jesus Saves” you have heard it or read it a million times and it is now a cliché. And no doubt you have read or heard “Jesus Saves ‘fill in the name’ and saves on the rebound” well I have to tell you no one in politics today has saved the day or scored more points than President Barack Obama in such a short time in office. The hate and spite and envy from the political right are nonstop 24-7 mindless diatribes of division. Man they have called him the “messiah” and “rock star” a “socialist” “communist” and a “fascist” and of course in code a “Nigger” who has failed not good enough to be President of the United States and OMG he reads from a teleprompter and puts Dijon mustard on his hamburger…what an effete socialist bourgeoisie elitist President Barack Obama is who single handily is turning America into France which will destroy the Republican concept of America and horror of horrors might even get an affordable and fair health care system Sacrebleu!!!!! …Forget that 2000 to 2008 ever happened or the current wreck and ruin is, dare I say it, a major contribution from the very ignorant Republicansoarass pulling out of their asses the vitriolic bile they call patriotism shaped like the excrement of the GOP…the “Grand Obstructionist Party” of the walking dead misogynist white men who as we speak are doing a makeover which looks exactly like the same “walking dead misogynist white men” dressed in the hoodies of the Rushpublican Party…all I have to say is “Jesus Saves Barack Obama scores on the rebound” this one is for the evangelical right wing nut jobs who believe in God and Jesus and attend Sunday go to meeting services and thoughtless say “praise the Lord”…these folks are doomed just like the Pharisees and their fellow brethren in the crowd (huh? just a metaphor)…and one of your fellow Christians is under attack by “some very evil dark forces” (this is in evangelical code speak) where is your Christianity love and compassion. Hey…you want to…you know support Barack Obama “Jesus Saves” is a nice “how do you do” ice breaker…ha ha come on folks President Barack Obama is just too cool for the right wing nut-job faux Christians or NeoCons he is driving them crazy and with and by the grace of God those rat bastards and like lemmings will jump over the cliff into extinction (just a description evil never really dies it gets recycled)…and I say praise the Lord big time…only lemmings call themselves Republicans today (most Republicans want to forget they ever were Republicans some are waiting for Saint Ronnie to appear on their 401 K’s).
Jesus is not a cliché some Christians and Christian leaders have turned Jesus into a cliché…keep Church and State separate or remove the tax exemption and let the Churches take their chances in the political and public arena like any other political party or business. God’s things to God and Caesars things to Caesar hey it is in the Bible…look it up.


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…forever dyslexic one word less is one word more…design follows the eye before the shape shifts into form…when two hearts beat as one nirvana bliss a blink of joy…we are stardust star stuff of serendipity…art is a business of commodities for sale…caveat emptor oh yes for sure one woman’s junk is another man’s treasure…make me laugh and i am yours…

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  • Zolton
    Zoltonabout 5 years ago

    Ummm… too funny… if I may.

  • Funny and ironic yes you may…sooner or later everything becomes a cliché or a caricatures by characters characterizing…it is the same old party of Rushpublicans…TY 2U.

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotabout 5 years ago

    check, check, check, check…yup, I think you covered it all in this one!
    Rock on!

  • Maybe they are "Checkoffslowvacantians "…so much time and effort from the Republicansoarasses jawboning their old bone gnawing it down to a teeny wienie sliver of “NO!” nothing nothingness of boning the bone to their boners of what bones them…“Check” off the deja vu of a litany of douche bag tea rhetoric…and remember “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” wrap it up in a flag and add the cross of Christianity…you have a Rushpublican….voila!!!! Thank you M for stopping by…peace to you.

    – montdragon

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneabout 5 years ago

    Oh man!

    Your description for this one blows Limpbaugh out of his throne.

    You, my friend, need a talk radio show…

    Well done.

    Sam Dantone

  • The constant trickle down of the douche bag tea bag rhetoric of the right wing nut-jobs is surreal a deja vu of Newt Gingrich when his posse went after Bill “the zipper” Clinton…millions of dollars and time wasted and a drain on the American psyche to impeach Billy for a none impeachable peccadillo tete-a-tete headed up by Newt the fornicator adulterer having an illicit bang bang himself while Newts wife was going through her cancer and of course Newt dumped her ASAP…the same old Republican gang of hypocrites just jawboning away at what they do best " No Nothing" Republicans lost in a gaseous fog of Limbaughtomy bloviating hate and division with lemming applause from the “religious evangelical base.” Thanks Sam for the comment.

    – montdragon

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryabout 5 years ago

    APPLAUSE!!!! The Grand Obstructionist Party would like to see the rise of the CSA (they call it the Constitutional States of America but we all know what CSA really stands for). They pledge allegiance to the Stars and Bars and are winding their lynching ropes as I type. Dick Cheney aligns himself with the Dittoheads and their Dittoleader ditto-ing that the Republican Party should not be moderate (aka Republikans & the CSA will rise again). I’ve been following the shrieks of the Hover Round Revolutionaries simultaneously decrying the rise of the evil of Socialism and Medicare cuts, buying up ammunition, cleaning their flintlocks, and calling on all to juice up the power chair and charge the White House. Bottom line – they can’t stand the fact that a Black Man is in the White House.

    P.S. Great shirt!

  • The Republican Party has always been the Party of Fear…fear your fellow Americans…fear color just pick a color any color with do…fear foreigners…fear language…Fear is their platform. They really should read the Constitution a tough read too. Their allegiance is to self interest and corporate greed. And they do have two big iconic Dicks…Cheney and Nixon and also “W Debacle” and now the supreme Leader Führer von Douche Bag Limbaugh the 20th hijack terrorist who missed the mission too strung out on OxyContin what a mange group comprising the CSA.
    It rankles them that an articulate strategist and his administration will methodically and with the approval of intelligent Americans dismantle their lies and policies which failed. Every time the Bigus Dickus Cheney (a draft dodger five times over) shoots off his mouth more incriminating documents are primed and timed and then released. Limbaugh continues to add more pecker wood to the fire…Limbaugh is the greatest gift that keeps on giving….what a douche bag GAS bag Limbaugh is who got a deferment during the Vietnam War because he had a boil on his ass perhaps his twin…the gasbag will explode or implode either way it is pure inane entertainment from the leader of the Rushpublican Party…who says “I hope Obama fails” in that is what the CSA is really all about.
    Mitt “Mittens” Romney compares the new and improved Republican Party to American revolutionist and all others as Loyalist to the Crown so looking backwards retro… obfuscation at its funniest you just have to wonder who is running the sideshow of fricken freaks…why don’t they just declare themselves Dixiecrats…blame it Lyndon Johnson for “1964 Civil Rights Act” and “1965 Voting Rights”…which brings us to the current crop of Rushpublicans AKA Republicans voila!!!…what a bucket of fried chicken shits…ditto dittoheads…rev up the pickup truck load it with some crosses and ride baby ride over the cliff and eat shit and die…praise the Lord and just say it "Theres a scary uppity black (they would use the OMG “N” word) boy running stuff and we don’t like it one bit…no sir not like’n it a all!!!!!!" Of course for the most part they are extreme right wing nut-job evangelical NeoCons chomping at the bit to return to the glory days of…take your pick it all failed and is still failing and with due diligence watchful eyes will have to keep watching and checking on them as distasteful as that might be and remember “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” and scoundrels they are.
    Peace to you H. M. B.

    – montdragon

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarabout 5 years ago

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent…separation of Church & State….
    sad that there is still so much prejudice from the Christian Right that they see
    a man of vision as “evil”…what total fools….their true problem is they only see
    the color of his skin…and they are bigots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • A caveat there are Christians who struggle with their faith to adhere to Christian principles being just flesh and blood and faux Christians all tangled up in secular politics espoused by their religious leaders who continue to serve Caesar in the most convoluted way…and Jesus is a cliché they have made Jesus a cliché…who was born a Jew…OMG!!!

    President Obama choose to defined himself as a black man it would just have confused and bedeviled the haters if he had said that he is “biracial” and of course the haters would say “just a flip flopper he ain’t black or white gollyeeeeeeeeee” it never ends and never will.

    President Obama has done the impossible he is the embodiment of the American Dream he succeeded where others would have failed and doing the best with the mess from his lame duck predecessor who embodied the Republican Party and what they stand for (?) which is what?…they haven’t a clue and are all wrapped up in the flag bearing a cross of self-righteousness of faux Christianity that does not even resemble or adheres to the teacher Jesus Christ of Nazareth who saves those who follow the two commencements that are required for salvation…go figure.

    Thank you Sally Omar each day is a test for Christians and none-Christians…peace to you.

    – montdragon

  • Just an FYI I am dyslexic so “commencements” should be “commandments” harrumph in the case of Faux Christians they have missed the commencement portion of the ceremony and will not graduate anyway…so oopsadaisy…beside anal retentive types like typos it makes them giggle and empowers their spell checkers…OMG.

    – montdragon

  • JenLand
    JenLandabout 5 years ago

    All I can say to this is………

    RIGHT FUCKING ON!!!! I’m going to nominate Helen for President and you for her Vice President!! That is after, Obama has finished his 8 years of course. :o)

  • May President Obama serve his full eight years safe and out of harm’s way…history has a way of repeating ugliness and the minions of the CSA are without a shred of decency or moral integrity just listen to their vitriol and hate…should President Obama succeed then there will be a candidate of his Party to continue in the direction that a majority of Americans want to see fulfilled that benefits all Americans and the World. Godspeed to all of us…evil is insidiously banal and never ever gives up…they are Rushpublicans of the CSA. TY 2U.

    – montdragon

  • DonnaProctor
    DonnaProctorabout 5 years ago

    One can always depend on you to put it all into perspective. “I accomplished my first 100 days within 72 days, and on the 73rd day, I rested.” OK, so perhaps this should not be in quotes since my memory is sorta numb from news overload, however… that is the crux and the jyst of it. His delivery was spot on. I ask myself daily, “What’s next?” I remind myself daily that it just doesn’t matter because I know in my bones, he will overcome, LORD ALL MIGHTY, he will overcome. (Thank you, MLK for that nudge!) Kudos to you, Giacomo.

  • President Obama will get no “applause or support” from the right wing-nuts they want him and anyone else that ain’t their “kind” to fail and would water-board in heartbeat all and anyone not in their little group. Yeah I know about the media overload not from the mainstream corporate owned media you have to really dig for objective “news.” President Obama is always “spot on” and it drives the Kool Aid drinkers crazy so they just trickle down nonsense about nonsense which is their nonsense about
    nonsense…nonsensical voodoo oxymora logic which is deja vu. I thought President Obama’s speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner was “spot on” and had very pointed funny humor and his Arizona State University speech transcends being just a speech his address to the graduates goes to his character above and beyond being the President. President Obama hears and knows and feels and exudes Doctor Marten Luther King he walks the same path…amen.
    Thank you for you thoughts and comments Donna aka Bambina.

    – montdragon

  • Elucidate
    Elucidateabout 5 years ago

    Ha, Viva! This is brilliant! You certainly can put across a message ;)

  • Thank you very much for your comment I appreciate it…Namaste.

    – montdragon

  • emorrical
    emorricalalmost 5 years ago

    u deleted my comment, but do not forget the truth… God is the answer, and u will know one day…i promise u

  • I don’t know you and don’t want to know you…practice what you preach and live it…unless you just like to harass people…with faux Christianity and practicing hypocrisy of self righteousnesses, your silence will verify that you are “a true Christian” living your faith and walking in the footsteps of Christ…go in peace…goodbye.

    – montdragon

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