Clowntown 101 lead specialist or team leader top to bottom think “master of my fate captain of my ship” something like that, until the poop hits the fan…wham you know where you are at, rung one ladder one and sometimes out the door on your arse.
Corporate culture is universal a Catch-22 of bottom line and quarterly goals with numbers replacing people who work to ladder up the rung or keep what jobs they have to make the ends meet.
The world is sliding into a catastrophic depression polarizing the haves and the have not….you cannot run and hide it is on everyones doorstep even the fat cats are gonna get leaner and meaner to hang onto what they have….in the meantime…“hey buddy can you give us a bailout!!!!!”
Cut up your credit cards….drive your vehicle less…plan your meals wisely and buddy up with friends to get through this fiasco and think this….STORM THE BASTILLE…..Liberté, égalité, fraternité…and boycott where and when it makes sense…..never ever loose your cool…if you do the top clowns will know you blinked….use the system.
Oh and use this for a dart board or any other objects you would like to sling.
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…forever dyslexic one word less is one word more…design follows the eye before the shape shifts into form…when two hearts beat as one nirvana bliss a blink of joy…we are stardust star stuff of serendipity…art is a business of commodities for sale…caveat emptor oh yes for sure one woman’s junk is another man’s treasure…make me laugh and i am yours…

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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
    Patricia Anne ...over 6 years ago

    hahaha!That is very cool!

  • The culture of the un-cool Top Clowns of Clowntown….behemoths and monolithic…all by the numbers…thank you Patricia Anne….stay cool.

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 6 years ago

    Are you sure you didn’t enter this in “Photo-journalism?”
    Correctomundo on all points, but might not monotone be interesting if not as striking…
    They don’t like to stand out too much.
    a student of this subculture

  • M….I was never a student of this I was a subject and subjected to the culture….monotone yes (maybe a T-shirt) most Top Clowns like subdued Republican colors and really don’t mind standing out macho a macho…there is a significant percentage of hubris and snotty panache with c’est le vie of “screw you I got mine and that is life” I don’t interact as an employee just freelance when the opportunity presents itself to ply my trade with the Top Clowns…but for this I thought clown colors very appropriate and clones from the top to the bottom….publishing stuff is…well therapy…and hit or miss…as always I appreciate your comments very much….“a student of this subculture” any plans after graduation….young lady?

    – montdragon

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 6 years ago

    In the end, the clowns will have the last laugh — unless we show solidarity. BushCo has made it no secret that the goal in withholding bail out bucks form the Big 3 was to coerce and blackmail the companies to help crush the UAW. WE THE PEOPLE are perceived as the enemy of FREEDOM defined as FINANCIAL GAIN. When the poop hits the fan the Clowns are standing up wind and the PEOPLE end up in the shit.

  • From the very beginning it has always been the slaves and the masters or the employee and the employer and the dynamics are a conflict of power to impose (how much force)…anyone that is a functioning sentient knows the intent and net result of BushCo and the power elite (surprise some still don’t get it poor Republicans thinking they “will get some” it is like pee trickling down on their heads). The Big Three thing is one of the exhibits on display. Solidarity is very hard for most people to embrace and sustain…insecurity gets them in the paycheck…as for the Clowns they may be smiling with their fleecing of America for now…the biggest heist yet to date and in broad daylight on display for the world to see and some thinking in disbelief….only in America….America the country that wants to export ersatz freedom and economic finacial “know how” which has crapped a load. Liberté, égalité, fraternité to some maybe a vintage cliché….Americans are at the tipping point and perhaps ready to engage in shoulder to shoulder solidarity. Never give up and never lose focus and never let them see you blink….your comments and insights are always welcomed and I appreciate that you are informed and informative.

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 6 years ago

    Dearest Montdragon, as a PhDilettante I must be a student of every subculture…but we never, for the Great Kat’s Sake, actually participate in them! Simply an amusing diversion.
    The Clowns are perfect; forgive my poor effort at sarcasm. :-)

  • What sarcasm??? U B kid’n and you B U Be Bop’n and yes being a student voyeur of the sub sub subcultures of cultures puts one in the cat birds seat in black tights…I be snap’n your tights girlie girl (OK I will just put me head in the guillotine for the “girlie girl” presumptuousness remark but I think you might have that girl thing a sophisticate girl thing also in your persona as well as a bon vivant artist par excellence…but I will take the liberty of snap snap’ your tights ha ha…boy this is a deep hole I can see China) remark as you please…snap snap’n….I need another glass of wine…your beret looks a little askew but tres chic…ha ha…what sarcasms (?)….you call them as you see them….Merlot or Cabernet?

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 6 years ago

    A rich Cab, please…
    blush is snappin’ tights sort of like friskin’ whiskers…
    be bop & clinking glasses.

  • Touché Turtle en garde snap’n or frisk’n with joy de vivre a tango for two…c’est le vie even in the best of times and the worst of times….red wine….bon mots and innocent entendres…that amuse….chin chin PhDilettante.

    – montdragon

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