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I Kill Animals  by montdragon

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The year is 2008 the location is the United States of America the event the election for the Presidency of the United States the date November 4, 2008. Governor Sarah Barracuda Palin of Alaska is the root’n toot’n running mate selected for John Maverick McCain by the extreme Republican Fascist Neocons and the right wing evangelical fundamentalist religious nut jobs…can you get your head wrapped around anyone calling himself a Maverick and his sidekick Sarah Barracuda…if elected this will be The Bush Third Term and Armageddon is just an atomic bomb away…be afraid be very afraid…if you thought George Bush was less than intelligent….John McCain and Sarah Palin are the classic “Dumb and Dumber.” Republican fascism ushered in by George Bush et al just may be extended. The American electorate “is ignorant” they voted BushCo twice and they just might elect another BushCo Republican the Original Maverick and Sarah Barracuda just a hockey mom….no one could have written this surreal scenario and only in America.
Governor Sarah Barracuda Palin kills and guts moose herself, brags about moose burgers and on her salary no doubt she has to hunt to put food on the table….why shop at the supermarket when you can have an adrenal rush the thrill of the kill. Sarah Palin also wants the polar bears off the endangered species list; she sued the American Federal Government to have them removed. Who is Governor Sarah Palin you really need to find out about her position on woman’s rights, foreign affairs, the economy, the environment, religion. One thing for sure Sarah Palin “I Kill Animals” is a fact.
In Alaska hunters fly in planes and shoot wolves and are offered $150 for the wolves’ legs without the pelt, the pelt is worth from $200 to $300. Sarah Barracuda is an avid hunter and has participated in the killing of wolves from a helicopter a more steady aircraft to maximize the kill than an airplane. Not enough wolves have been killed this year and with the cost of fuel the state of Alaska may even pay for the fuel. Animals are slaughtered, tuna for sushi, seals clubbed for pelts, whales, elephants, tigers, wolves the list is endless some try to justify this…others just don’t care they kill to kill.
Sarah Palin is an extreme fundamentalist evangelical Christian and John McCain hums “bomb bomb bomb Iran” John McCain may be The Manchurian Candidate life is stranger than fiction. Do your due diligence search the web will you be surprised.

…forever dyslexic one word less is one word more…design follows the eye before the shape shifts into form…when two hearts beat as one nirvana bliss a blink of joy…we are stardust star stuff of serendipity…art is a business of commodities for sale…caveat emptor oh yes for sure one woman’s junk is another man’s treasure…make me laugh and i am yours…

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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
    Patricia Anne ...about 6 years ago

    woe what work, love the hair hate her love teh art!

  • What the hell is inside that wig…nothing in her brain except what BushCo et al is cramming in her cranium…what gets me is she is a phony just check her record and Johnny “Maverick” McCain is well just not polite to say anymore…old expression “may God help us” if they are elected it will be like 2000 and 2004 and now 2008….unbelievable.

    – montdragon

  • yanmos
    yanmosabout 6 years ago

    great job mont!!!

  • TY 2 U…big time.

    – montdragon

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.about 6 years ago


  • Kenny G no laughing matter polls or no polls weird stuff going on here in the good ole U.S.A….phony folks just might be elected by by by…I better shut up Nov 4, 2008 vote!!!!

    – montdragon

  • Crockpot
    Crockpotabout 6 years ago

    HOLY CRAP – I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • You CrockPotness can you get your head wrapped around Sarah Barracuda Palin? Hockey sockey mom bite my bullet…we need some brains in The White House….not a Maverick (so last century that old white dude is lame and brainless) and his side kick the Barracuda…what what? Vote like a Republican at least twice or just steal the election like 2000 and 2004 the Republicans will do just that…OMG!!!!

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotabout 6 years ago

    Perfect, montdragon!
    Now I must share this again…already posted on previous ones which
    went disappeared [which made me nervous].

  • Dadanista…I deleted those images I is…hum…ummmm…ah backwards sometimes…you know they do stuff here their way…wrong sizes blah blah on my part so far Zazzle has not deleted them….anyway this dynamic duo of the Maverick and the Barracuda is so George Bush et al and some simple folks voted BushCo twice and fix’n to vote a Bush Third Term….“Oh way are McCain-Palin like Bush” say the simple folks with a wink wink and a smirk….I am in a serious malaise about this election looks like it is fixed…“Karl Roved the boat ashore…hell-you-are-fooled….” You must know that song….vote Obama-Biden 2008.

    – montdragon

  • JeSiKaM
    JeSiKaMabout 6 years ago

    nice beehive!!! LOL

  • Beehive!!!!!!!!! There is a nuclear power plant tucked in that beehive and a vacant sign in the brain with graffiti saying “drill here…drill now”….fooled twice by BushCo and now…the Maverick and the Barracuda….unbelievable….Obama-Biden 2008.

    – montdragon

  • ikandie
    ikandieabout 6 years ago

    freak’n awesome..WELL DONE :)

  • Be afraid be very afraid….looks like a Bush Third Term…thanks but be very afraid….Obama-Biden 2008.

    – montdragon

  • Kathleen Cameron
    Kathleen Cameronabout 6 years ago

    oh… now I like this~!!! very good statement in your description too… good luck guys… the world is counting on the LEFT working the system to their advantage this time… hee he…

    I don’t even care if they rig the damn thing… so long as ‘dem ’epublicans don’t get the chair…

  • America will need more than luck…….2000 and 2004 both elections stolen by the extreme right wing Republicans and they know it and they are looking to do it a third time and just might in plain sight with the world watching…the left plays by the rules too bad (I don’t get it??? Why play by the rules the Neocon Republicans don’t)….the Republican candidates McCain-Palin are not capable of leading and they are The Bush Third Term…TY for the comment.

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotabout 6 years ago

    holy katz, montdragon….
    I mean, we are all upset, but don’t blow a fuse!
    Who could replace such a satirist with vocabulary… oops : elitist

  • I am okie dokie just thinking…a Maverick and a Barracuda how middle school…Wall Street melt down…drill here drill now a return in ten plus years maybe….Roe v. Wade…housing mortgages blah blah…big issues and what do the simple folk get all fired up…“lipstick on a pig” hell my grandfather always used that expression for various stuff and the lipstick looks perfect on the Maverick (the remark was not directed at the Barracuda but well I have a Halloween version to post of her)…we need brains like Obama-Biden not a Bush deja voodoo or deja dodooo….more wine is needed now…hummmmmmm a nice California Merlot….I am off to do some skulduggery..tasteful too.

    – montdragon

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryabout 6 years ago

    You are my new favorite person in the whole world.

  • TY 2 U

    – montdragon

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