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…child, son, man, lieutenant, husband, father, senator, president, served his country did his best and was only flesh and blood. forty-six years one hundred and seventy seven days lived JFK, forever young…November 22, 1963…

…only in the United States of American could three lone gunmen, shoot and kill…President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK)…the Reverend Martin Luther King (MLK)…and Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy (RFK)…each killer acting alone…?…and if anyone would suggest or even think a conspiracy or cover up…?…why that would be unthinkable, because the killers were…officially declared…,“lone gunmen”…? Life is stranger than fiction…like…The World Trade Center attack (9-11)…the current reality…is…stupid…?…or is it…don’t enter Room 101…


  • anaisanais
    anaisanaisover 1 year ago


  • “Whom the gods love, die young.” We all and will die, a reality and we don’t know how or when…we will die…JFK’s death was sudden and so public and still a mystery…even if the so-called lone gunman was captured…a modern day Greek tragedy…c’est la vie.

    – montdragon

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 1 year ago

    yes. Most Americans alive today weren’t around in 1963 or were barely born. For those of us who watched all day on fuzzy black and white TV’s, it remains a raw scar … there will never be answers about the lone gunman until those who may have had a plot are dead and records are unsealed or ‘found.’ Does it matter if misguided puppets did the deeds or … as our government gets more secretive by the moment, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    It happened. All of them : it happened.
    As with so many things, if you weren’t there, you just don’t get it.
    Thank you for the tribute, Sir!

  • It was so public, more like an execution, a spectacle of Greek tragic proportions written by Shakespeare and televised to the world. The noble prince or king and or hero dujour of the tale, on a sunny day in a triumph parade accompanied by his wife, all smiles beaming and waving and, then it ended, as some legends and fairy tales do, the hero is dead. A lone gunman with a cheap and poorly made $19.99 bolt action mail order rifle plus the costs of shipping and the price of the ammunition fired the rifle in rapid succession three times and, killed President Kennedy and injuring Governor Connelly. The gunman knew exactly which floor and location would be the perfect place and the right time to shoot President Kennedy. How fortunate for the shooter that the hardtop of the limousine was not going to be on the car that day, the limousine was specifically flown to Dallas for the event. Life is stranger than fiction and, if anyone has doubts about the assassination of President Kennedy, you are or will be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and treated with disdain, it was and had to be a lone gunman with magic bullets in the right place at the right time with a million to one shot to kill President Kennedy…a lucky shot…?…or a sacrifice to the gods…?

    The status quo must be maintained at all costs…,“Whom the gods love, must die young.” Human beings don’t change, only the technology changes…and humans repeat what has already happened over and over again…nothing new under the sun…birth and whats in-between and then death. We are entertainment for the gods.

    – montdragon

  • markhadafairday
    markhadafairdayover 1 year ago

    I was in the 9th grade and remember crying in the hallway coming out of English class. To this day I question what happened that day as many Americans did and still do.

  • …inexplicable and tragic as millions watched or heard what happened and then saw the film of President Kennedy’s assassination or execution…The Warren Commission was poorly cobbled together by politicians to ease the qualms and fears of Mr. and Mrs. America and their children…and then the conspiracy theorist and the doubts genuine and doubts of suspicion to this very day…a one in a million shot (shots) at the right place at the right time with a cheap $19.99 bolt action rifle fired rapidly in succession and the bullets hitting its target President Kennedy sitting in vehicle with no top or roof…good reason to cry, the killing of JFK was personal, it was a shot fired at all of us…then and now…forever young JFK…

    – montdragon