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Once again, I’ve had a great month here on Red Bubble, when it came to having my work recognized by my peers. I feel so humble at times when I look at a list of featured photos, to know I’ve created work, that someone else also enjoys.

I wish I’d written down the features for the first of the month up to the 16th, I didn’t know Red Bubble isn’t keeping track of them for the entire month any longer. Does anyone know a way to find how many features we have had beyond going to each image and figuring it out the hard way? I do post on each image when it’s featured. I guess I’ve learned my lesson, to keep track as time goes on, instead of waiting, lol.

Well, here is my list for now. And I’d like to thank each host, of each group for I know how much hard work and time you have spent on going through images, moderating groups, and putting features together.

1. Wave Wash-Extremely Positive
2. The Unnerving Eye-Equine Portrait Photography
3. Tug O War-Americas, Rural, Urban, Wild and Free
4. The Unnerving Eye-Eye Contact
5 Roanie in the Snow-Appaloosa and Spotted Horses
6. Prairie Camouflage-High Quality Images, permanent gallery
7. Winter Royalty-Beautiful
8. Indian Pontiac-The Best of Anything and Everything
9. Range Horses in Snow Storm-Equine Art and Photography
10. Winter Royalty-Down on the Farm
11. Tug O War-DSLR Users
12. Winter Royalty-Equine Portrait Photography
13. Winter Royalty-Montana
14. The Unnerving Eye-Pets Are Us
15. Winter Royalty-Rural Around the Globe
16. Pickup Man-Equine Athletes
17. Breezy Buckskins-Cowboy and Cowgirl Art
18. Winter Royalty-Cee’s Fun and Artsy Friends
19. Siblings-You Big Softy
20. Three Horses in Montana Snow-High Quality Images, Permanent Gallery
21. The Stock Whip-Quarter Horses

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