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Furious Tees...Call a Doctor!

My “Gallifrey Road” design is available on Tee Fury for the next 24 hours. For a a mere $10 (plus postage) you can grab one for you and one for each of your previous ten incarnations!



  • lmurp02
    lmurp02over 3 years ago

    Hello Jacen,
    I purchased the Gallifrey Road T from Teefury. A friend saw it and wishes to get one as a gift for a nephew. Unfortunately, it is no longer on Teefury. Is it available elsewhere?

  • It is available right here on Redbubble (and has been from the very beginning

    – Monstar

  • BurkleBrowncoat
    BurkleBrowncoatover 2 years ago

    Hi! I LOVE your Doctor Who shirts. So much so, that I wore it to a convention in Louisville where Peter Davison was going to be a guest. I have a picture with he and I in my Galifrey Road shirt, if you might like it for your site, or just something kind of neat. I wasn’t sure where to send/post it. Thank you for your great work! -Christina