A long time ago (actually only about 8 years ago) in a galaxy far, far away (thinking about it, Longreach is probably less of a galaxy and more of a black hole)….

Jacen Carpenter, Knight of the Pulp Faction battles true evil by day as a Solicitor in a smallish Australian country town (think Priscilla- Queen of the Desert but with less drag Queens….speaking of which, that movie really brings a whole new meaning to “Kneel before Zod”….anyhoo…) but by night he let’s his inner “Monstar” loose.

You can catch the adventures of Monstar and Bunnee, as well as tales of Gary the Graveyard Hare, the Software Pirates and other weird and wonderful webcomic goodness at

Hope you enjoy the tee-shirts people and remember at the end of the day, Red Bubble is the real winner!

Jacen “Monstar” Carpenter

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Furious Tees...Call a Doctor!

My “Gallifrey Road” design is available on Tee Fury for the next 24 hours. For a a mere $10 (plus postage) you can grab one for you and one for each of your previous ten incarnations! / HERE#
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Building a Tardis

I’ve had the last two months off before I start my new job and was beginning to go a little stir crazy, so I decided to build a life size TARDIS. I have a comic room that comes off my bedroom in my house (with no door) and I decided to build a three sided TARDIS to sit over the doorway (giving the effect of it being larger on the inside). Using mostly recycled wood and parts, my Dad and I b…
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Italian Spiderman Homage...

If you have not checked out Alrugo Entertainment’s “Italian Spiderman” then you don’t know what your missing. These “orange farmers” put the “rind” in Grindhouse exploitation movies…the best thing to come out of South Australia for many years. / Here’s my tribute to this great cinematic icon Franco Franchetti:
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A 24hr Comic- "Probing the Faction"

Just completed (at 11am on the 8th June 2008) the Comikaze 24hr Challenge. / You can check out my entry here: / Probing the Faction / Obviously, if you lurk on the Pulp Faction forums, then this story will make a little sense. Otherwise, just enjoy the pretty pictures!
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