Kanages Ramesh is the name given to my form. Ramesh is my first as well as last name. There is no family name being carried forward. Monsoonfrog could be descriptive of my singing style. Frogs are “Mother Earth’s Choristers”. Frogs are also very sensitive to the environment/atmosphere they live in – to changes in them- due to their moist and permeable skin. They are an early warning system. A threat to their environment is a warning to ours.

What inspires me is the feeling or emotion we are able to capture and convey through words, an image, or both.The ‘pictures’ we evoke more than the seen. The words, images and actions arising out of my own inner world would be the best introduction to it . They would better communicate who, what, or where I am now. It is through our words, images and actions that we are ultimately going to “see " each other. It is through them that we may connect. I look forward to the connection.

Since all creativity is a song, some of my ‘music’ could be heard at www.myspace.com/kanagesramesh

An Ode to a Moonlit NightAvatar of April (Perfect Harmonies)

Moove – “You Silly Cow!” (This, That and the Other Thing)
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Moonlight Bird – “Feeling Blue” (The Best of Anything & Everything)
To embark on life – “Landscapes” (Cover Shots)
Mortality – A Tale of Two Structures – “Old Friends” (Withered)
Moove – “Aww,please?!” (Caption Fun)
Manifestation – “Hinduism – Ganesh Chaturti” (The First Things Group)
Color Therapy – “Lots of Color” (A Little Bit of You)
Moove – “Eyes On The Farm” (Eye Contact)
Spring JoyGaia & Flowers (Gaia)
Spring JoyPromise of Spring (International Showcase)
To embark on lifeGreen Gaia – In honor Of Earth Day (Gaia)
David Bovi(n)eAvatar Challenge (A Goofy House)

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