Her only refuge (please see description)

Temples, churches mosques and all places of worship are for many, a place of emotional refuge; a place to gather mental strength, though short-lived perhaps, the effect. Yet, for this aged woman, with none to call her own, except a ragged bundle, it is her means to a life and shelter. Surviving on the generous offerings of food made to the God within, and shared later with those expectantly awaiting their turn, to appease her hunger, and the few coins dropped into her outstretched palms from devotees, more inclined to be little generous in “HIS” presence—perhaps, with the expectation of a manifold return on their tiny ‘investment’ in a foreseeable future, with “HIM” having been witness to their generosity—to buy her a few essentials and a little joy. Sadly, in this process of ‘giving’, she too becomes a means to an end, and, not the end in itself; and for some, a sense of relief or a feeling of superiority, at being more blessed or fortunate than her.

She sleeps huddled in a corner, her gaunt form wrapped tightly in blankets, frail and aged as she, to keep out the harsh night mountain weather, which creeps in stealthily with each passing hour. Comforted, that God is very near, just beyond that locked door, and that “HE” would keep her safe for what is left of her life, and eventually take her to a better place — while intensifying her struggle against another night of invasive cold, with the crumbling defenses afforded by her tattered blanket.

There are those who reason, that God does not exist, that it’s a foolish belief, yet, for her, her faith is an indispensable relief; one fundamental to her survival. May none take away this, her comfort, her only solace, her only refuge, whatever their own belief. After all, even amongst those who profess there is no God, and assume themselves to be independent thinkers, many function in opposition to that selfsame concept, and still caught in duality—concepts and mental proliferations— and unable to detach themselves from it, they are neither independent, nor free, to be independent — held captive within their own ‘net of views’ to be released.

For this aged woman, reason may not bring her comfort, only a genuine understanding of those in her situation. Her life, one of poverty, and living, a series of struggles, and a past, possibly of abuse, with education, a luxury, only faith, and not reason, sustains her; a belief in something transcendent that is imbued with the necessary attributes to transport her from her present. In this ‘Knowing’, and an empathy born from it, you are released from your own ‘self’, and concurrently your own “net of views”, to know that which is sacred. A transcendence that brings unity to preserve life’s sanctity.

What obstructs one from truly knowing another, than a ‘self’ and its views; and without a ‘self’ who is to impose a view?

©Kanages Ramesh

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Sacred: 2b. Sacrosanct [most sacred; inviolable] -Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary.

The Brahmajala Sutta (The All-Embracing Net of Views)

… The elaboration ends with the Buddha’s statement about the danger of clinging to these beliefs [net of views], as they are still influenced by desire, hatred, and ignorance…
[Those who hold onto these views] are compared to small fish in a pond which will be captured by a fine net no matter how much they want to escape, while those who see reality as it is are beyond the net of ‘samsara’.

Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia

(Samsara- “Round of rebirth, lit. Perpetual wandering” – “Buddhist Dictionary” by Nyanatiloka)

Please read Self created darkness and Self illusion for info on “self”. :)

What inspires me is the feeling or emotion we are able to capture and convey either through words, an image, or both.The ‘pictures’ we evoke more than the seen. They would better communicate who, what, or where I am now. It is through them that we are ultimately going to “see’ each other. It is through them that we may connect. I look forward to the connection.

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  • anaisanais
    anaisanaisover 1 year ago


  • Hi Anna! What I am trying to convey is that faith is necessary for some people. Personally, I have experienced God and all such concepts are man-made or mind-made. I lead my life detached from or ‘mindful’ of such concepts. But for some, like this aged woman, their position and circumstances in life is such, they need such a belief to carry them through each day. In attempting to understand their circumstances and this difference, one begins to transcend his/her own views or concepts, to not deprive them of their comfort. What could be more ‘sacred’ than that? :) Thank you very much Anna! Appreciate very much the time you devote to my work, and the kind & inspiring words!!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Tibby Steedly
    Tibby Steedlyover 1 year ago

    This is such a moving and touching tribute to this woman’s struggles and your empathy to all those who seek to find meaning. You are a wonderful writer!

  • Thank you SO VERY MUCH Tibby!! Your comment is EXTREMELY INSPIRING!!! Appreciate it SO VERY MUCH my friend!!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • It is your own sensitivity and empathy which was touched and moved by it!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coover 1 year ago

    It’s astounding ignorance and arrogance to think one knows more than another and to try and impose one’s own view and beliefs upon another. To try and take away this woman’s faith would be an act of cruelty, not reason.

  • Hi Alenka! Those are some strong but necessary words. :) One sees such views, racial, religious, national etc., being imposed without any thought to the consequences, the conflict grief and deprivation, those may entail. Appreciate very much your thoughts on this!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Donna19
    Donna19over 1 year ago

    Congratulations. This is a moving story and powerful message. Well done.

  • Thank you so much Donna! Appreciate very much the honor & the INSPIRING words!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • shadowlea
    shadowleaover 1 year ago

    great thought provoking writing ramesh

  • Thank you so much Irene!! I must say that was the intention. :)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • paintingsheep
    paintingsheepover 1 year ago

    Very profound and beautiful Ramesh…..I wish her and you the highest refuge.

  • Well, for me, that would be my own self. :)) “Be a lamp unto yourself”, “seek no external refuge”, "Hold fast to only truth as your refuge. And what is truth “To see reality as it is”, that “mind precedes all things”, hence to be mindful of our thoughts and actions as “In this very one-fathom long body along with perceptions and thoughts, do I proclaim the world, the origin of the world, the end of the world and the path leading to the end of the world” ( all quotes made by the Buddha). Thank you Gena!! Hope she finds her highest refuge. I wish you the Highest Refuge too!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • tori yule
    tori yuleover 1 year ago

    Congratulations! Beautiful write! So sorry Ramesh
    View your feature here and join me in congratulating your fellow writers
    April 2013

  • No problem Tori!! Appreciate very much the honor and your support of my work!!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • LoneAngel
    LoneAngelover 1 year ago


    great work .. many congrats on the feature

  • Thank you so much Angel!! Appreciate the honor very much!!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Evita
    Evita7 months ago

    Beautiful work !!!

    Click on the link below to view your feature and congratulate your fellow artists
    A Place to Start—The Place to Be – March 2014 Feature Gallery

  • Alison Gilbert
    Alison Gilbert7 months ago

    It’s encouraging and heartwarming to read your words of awareness, understanding and empathy to this woman and all people, and also the words in your reply to Alenka regarding imposing views on others “One sees such views, racial, religious, national etc., being imposed without any thought to the consequences, the conflict grief and deprivation, those may entail.”

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