The 'self'  Illusion  (please see description) by Kanages Ramesh

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The 'self' Illusion (please see description) by 

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“Who Am I?

Unlike many other animals, adult humans have a powerful sense of self. When we look in the mirror, we see unique, conscious individuals, each with our own opinions, beliefs, and experiences. We feel as though there is a an inner “self” that inhabits and controls the body. Yet there is no explanation for how this self receives information from the brain, nor how it exerts control over it. In fact, the more we learn about how the brain works, the less room there is for the idea of another controller inside it. Many scientists and philosophers believe that the concept of a conscious self is simply a useful illusion that gives our lives meaning: it is the “I” in all the stories the brain tells itself, but there is nothing that actually corresponds to the word “I”. Most people find it very hard to accept that there is no such thing as a self, despite all the scientific evidence pointing to this. In fact, a majority of the world’s peoples still find comfort in the idea of a soul or spirit that gives unity to a person’s life and that may even continue to exist after his or her death. "

- “HUMAN – The Definitive Visual Guide” Editorial Consultant Prof. Robert Winston – Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (2004), a Penguin company)

The island itself is an illusion: a capture cropped, duplicated ,mirrored and combined for this construct. If you look closely you will see a further construct added: a “self”, itself an island, centered amidst this illusion. The self, ego or I on which we ‘center’ our-selves. The size of the ‘land’ being decided by the importance we give to it. On “seeing” the self for the ‘construct’ it is , we begin to observe the further extensions through identities we have built and added to this – racial religious national etc. – which further isolate ourselves into such illusory islands or conceptual groupings. On seeing the ‘construct’, we pierce the illusion, transcend such concepts/ groupings (or isolations), and work towards bringing an end to suffering such concepts bring – both within and without – by ending ignorance. The illusion seen the ‘land-filling’ too ceases. You are finally released from your own ‘self’ imprisonment; no more a slave to its dictates, you are truly liberated. Buddhist teachings deny the existence of a permanent or unchanging ‘self’ but instead point towards seeing the self for the ‘construct’ it is : a mental ‘conditioning’ , dependently arising and ever changing. Consciousness itself is but “the firing of nerve cells within the brain”.

Kanages Ramesh ( Monsoonfrog)

“To all those who seek Truth”

What inspires me is the feeling or emotion we are able to capture and convey either through words, an image, or both.The ‘pictures’ we evoke more than the seen. They would better communicate who, what, or where I am now. It is through them that we are ultimately going to “see’ each other. It is through them that we may connect. I look forward to the connection.

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  • paintingsheep
    paintingsheepabout 3 years ago

    Very wonderful! How happy I am to see your vivid colors once again, and to hear your inspiring words!

  • Thank you again for the encouraging words and ‘favoriting’ Gena!

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Sol Lucas
    Sol Lucasabout 3 years ago

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  • Sol Lucas
    Sol Lucasabout 3 years ago

    I wanted to enter The Illusion. Very inviting.

  • Thank you so much Sol! I suppose we are all very much caught in it. :)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersabout 3 years ago

    Most interesting . . . I was reading today, how the electrical impulses for a decision are triggered before we are actually conscious of making the decision and that an 85% probability of accurately determining that decision can be made by the observation of the impulse . . .
    Cool image too . . .

  • Absolutely Hugh! :)To quote from the book "’25 Big Ideas (The science that is changing our world) ’…it takes around half a second for the brain to make us conscious of outside stimulation – though the delay appears to be “edited out” by the brain to keep it out of awareness. The result is a conscious mind with a model of reality that allows us to to do more than merely react to stimuli or the bidding of our unconscious instincts…". This first Big Idea is on “Consciousness”. It is a fascinating subject, and one which helps to know ourselves better, and through that knowledge to understand the world around better. Thank you so much for the comment and the appreciation Hugh! Ramesh

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Susana Weber
    Susana Weberabout 3 years ago

    I love this image and the interesting, thought provoking concepts offered! Very cool!!

  • Thank you so much Susana! Though the image was not accepted into your group, I am very glad I sent it, because of the connection you have made with it. Ultimately that’s what matters, to get these thoughts across, so there will be more peace, and less divisions! You may also enjoy the notes to “The Atomic connection” and “The Butterfly Effect”. They are in my portfolio. Thank you! Ramesh:)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageabout 3 years ago

  • Thank you Francis! Ramesh:)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Nadya Johnson
    Nadya Johnsonabout 3 years ago

    Congratulations! Your AMAZING work is featured at Cutting Edge! Please visit our Permanent Feature Page to convey congratulations to the others for the week and see your fantastic artwork in the spotlight!)

  • Thank you so much Nadya for the inspiring words and honor! Ramesh:)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Susana Weber
    Susana Weberabout 3 years ago

    It is a very impressive image… and quite musical to me, Ramesh. I wish I could have accepted it in the Accidental Images group because of it’s beauty and the wonderful faces in it. But, the group is all about finding those images in the world and not manipulating to make them. Please so share with us any and all you find that fit those guidelines. I’m sure with your vision, you already have them in your collection!! I will visit. Thank you for the invitation!

  • Thank you Susana for the very kind words! I suppose “Newly Married” fits the description, but it’s more a humorous take. :) Ramesh

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • Revenant
    Revenantabout 3 years ago

    Congratulations, you’ve been featured in

  • Thank you so much Stefan! Much appreciate the recognition! Ramesh:)

    – Kanages Ramesh

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz47about 3 years ago

    Solipsists of the world, Unite!

  • We should! I just read in your profile, your parents went with Sheila, I have written in mine Kanages Ramesh is the name given. That’s all there is to a ‘self’. It all originates from the mind:" the observer is the observed". Thank you so much for your comment! Ramesh:)

    – Kanages Ramesh

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