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monjii art & photography is my oxygen.
Self taught digital artist and a student of photography for some 8 years past,I have always been interested in this art and in recent years my love for digital fine art has grown like a fungus.
I just have a very busy head and this is a good way to empty it.
My Portfolio here at Redbubble is varied and there is a wide spectrum of recent and old work & it is constantly changing as my perspective changes therefore I have no set style.

Hopes and Dreams:
One day when they design the machine that links your brain to a giant screen,
so that you can watch your dreams on it, i shall be first in line to buy it ….
(you know what i mean , right?)
Please enjoy and thank you for taking the time to look.

Leggings & legs by monjii

Customizable products
Cushion covers & Onsies etc

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Homepage feature ! London meets Japan

Your work, London meets Japan is on the Redbubble homepage today. One of our homepage curators picked your image because they thought it was brilliant. Every day we add a handpicked selection of works to the homepage, and our new design allows visitors to look back through previous days’ selections, which means your work will be getting attention well past today.So, tell the world you’…
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Relax. / Don’t micro manage your life. / It will drive you slowly mad. / Slowly but surely you will go doo lally. / Chill in your mind. / Give everyone around you a break, / because life is hard. / None of us are perfect. / Perfection is illusion. / Take your own advice. / You have the answers. / Relax.
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Doctors waiting room

It beeps ,you look up / It beeps ,you look up / It beeps ,you look up / like a video stuck on a loop / we all look up to see our names appear on the electronic screen… / waiting fot our turn
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