I’m a photographer by passion, degree in Journalism, writer and artist when ideas [creative and stubborn], knock at my door. I am many and at the same time, I am simply Mo March. I love human expression and the beauty that is in living well and now. My dogs follow my steps barefoot everywhere [wagging their tails with joy]. I like to look at the moon and the colorful butterflies painting the sky. Perhaps this curious quest approximates me to photography. As used to say Henri Cartier-Bresson, “to photograph is put on the same sight the mind, soul and heart.”

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so happy with my discover

it’s been really pleasant observ the results of my redbubble! now i have a place where my art can become a lot of cool things. my only claim is about the policy of not shipping the products to brazil [that’s where i live and come from]. i hope in the future it’ll be different! / best regards to everyone, / mo march.
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