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art based on a random word generator- join in

I was completely out of ideas for what to draw next. So I went to random word generator to just draw something off the first word that came up. / It was fun, and got my creative wheels turning. So I started a blog for it. / I thought it would be fun to see how many different pictures people can come up with based off the same words. / So this is an open invitation to check out the words that are …
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I'm new; need some marketing ideas.

Hello all, / I’m new to the world of red-bubble. I love the positive, creative atmosphere. / So to all you “old-timers” rocking tons of sales and getting your work out there. What are your tips? / Do you advertise? Where? Do you spend a lot of money on it? / Any good advice for a Noobie; please share. / Thanks so much, / Mogen
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