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You know, I’ve been a member here at Redbubble for quite some time now, but unlike some people, I’ve limited my groups to a select few that I like to post my work in. However, it seems these days that it isn’t even possible to do that. Not because my work doesn’t fit in the group in some way, but rather, the group is moderated and even more so to the point that it only accepts one image a day or even one image a WEEK.

To make matters worse, the person/s doing the moderation fail to log in and ADD the new submissions to the group for weeks at a time. Some never do. If you’re precious group is so important that you must LIMIT the content that you wish to display, MAKE AN EFFORT for the sake of the artists who wish to be a member of your group, to LOG IN and ADD their work every few days.

Better yet, appoint someone in the group that WILL do so, so that this important task is handled. If you can’t do that, take down your moderation because nobody likes a group that censors their work and disallows content that they don’t feel “fits” the group, even if it is a perfect fit for said group.

I only write this because I’ve added content to groups that I would like to share it in, yet these groups moderators have clearly either abandon their own group, don’t wish to sit down and add new works or rather than disappoint or upset the artists, they choose to IGNORE said submissions to their group rather than deny them outright. Get with the program people, moderate your groups or let someone else do it for you. For the sake of the future of this site and your groups.

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