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The ABC Of Me

A – Is for Autism – something the nurses thought I had when I was a baby.

My father still thinks I am autistic.…

B- Is for bastard! I am a bastard, figuratively and literally. When it comes to the literal sense I found out in the saddest way when I was 20. My mother had just purchased a new house and was signing official documents with the estate agent who asked her the date in which she married my father to which my mother replied the first of 1 March. To which the estate agent asked which year. To which I replied 1982. To which my mother corrected me and said 1984.( I was born on the 7th of March 1983.) To which my mother said to my mortified face, ‘’Jonathan, you are a bastard. Deal with it.’’
To which the estate agent said, ‘’Yes honey. Deal with it.’’ And then went on about how al

My Top Ten Turn-ons

1.) Compassion and Empathy

If you show sympathy towards others, you shall have me wrapped around your finger. However, if you show understanding towards the pain and plight of others, you’ll have me wrapped around you. Haha!…

2.) Passion

A life lived without passion is a life unlived. Passion is the spice of life – and I love spicy things.

3.) A well-developed sense of humour

The drier the wit, the wetter I get (how’s that for a visual…haha!)

4.) A big… intellect

Cleopatra was no oil painting. In fact, she was a fugly biatch. What mde her seductive and enchanting was her mind. She could speak several languages, was well-versed in Greek philosophy and literature, Roman politics and was knowledgable of current events and concepts from the Roman Empire to India. Due to this, she able to seduce

Today I met my dream match...

Six foot tall, leggy and stupid – just the way I like them ;-)

On a serious note though, I actually felt amazed as to how confident and non-threathened she was by me. All the while she held my stare without becoming aggressive – had a momentary inter-species spiritual connection with an ostrich today – ha!

Puppy Dog Eyes

She has me wrapped around her little finger.
(And I am not even a dog person…hahaha!)

P.S hope that you all had a magical Christmas filled with love!
And may 2011 be a year filled with unadulterated joy!

A Quick Note To My Bubble Friends...

My time housesitting has come to an end.
The downside of this is that I am back to having limited online time (via a touchscreen phone which is sometimes possessed and that does not grant me access to Redbubble. It does grant me access to yahoo mail and Facebook though – so keep in touch via that)

It was a great week, whereby I managed to submerge myself in many wonderous works of art and many more magical poems.

See you on the flip-side.


Last year I, a proud pagan and practicing witch, found myself humbled by numerous muslim family friends who were fasting. I have always been interested in other religions (its the anthropologist in me). So I whipped out my copy of the Koran and found so many quotes and passages that were relevent to what I was going through at that specific time of my life.…

This year, during Ramadan, I have found myself, once more inspired but also rather peeved off. You see, there has been a lot of ill-sentiment towards Islam this year – from the controversy and backlash of plans of wanting to build a mosque on ground-zero, to France’s decision to ban the burka to some lunatic’s rather public crusade to burn as many korans as possible (My note to him – if you seek to judge a religion on a few zealots, th

My Heart Bleeds For You

Tangled tongue
Words can not shape
The form of your heart
My own bleeds for you

No pain can compare to the most unnatural of deaths
Of mother burying son
I wish to bury you in love and warmth
And everlasting friendship

(My own heart bleeds for you)


This month has seen both the South African educational and healthcare industries on their knees due strikes. The healthcare sector has been especially hard hit due to the nurses striking.
In the best of circumstances, our healthcare industry is not in the best shape, but now due to the nurses striking – many patients are being neglected. For a three percent raise, nurses are sacrificing their code of ethics and letting patients die. Babies and the elderly are the worst hit so far.
Right now, all major hospitals in South Africa are in dire need of volunteers – especially those with healthcare experience to work in wards. Those with no healthcare experience are also needed to help work in kitchens, cleaning and so forth.
If you are in South Africa and able to help, please contact your local ho…

Life has become hectic...

… in a very good way!!!!
Been socialising, interacting, networking and volunteering.
This leaves me with so little online time sadly!
So please forgive my shoddy communication, and if I take a while to reply to messages/comments.
Much love and light.

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