Painter working in oils and pastels focusing on figures and portraits.

Tryhard Pirate.

Although I do live on an island, have bad tatts, look/smell funny and my mother lives in Singapore…

  • Age: 38
  • Joined: September 2007


Blog about me :)

Thank you kindly to the artist network. :) /
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Timelapse thingy

Preliminary edit, somehow lost the top and bottom, will fix it good and upload that one as well, but you do get a better close up of what I’m doing in the face on this one. /
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More press stuff

Finally got the Channel 9 interview online… hooray :) / / Lots more stuff on my facebook, I’m using it for WIP and whatever nowdays if that turns your crank. / :)
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Bite the facebook bullet.

Finally accepted that I’m going to have to do the public figure thing on the book of face. / I will of course keep updating my redbubble whenever I finish something new, but for WIP stuff and posing links and videos it just seems a lot easier/more logical. / Follow me if you wish / Thanks
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