No crying in English! by mobii

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The original line is from the movie “A league of their own” but, the English part came from my classroom.

The other day, I was in the middle of reciting a conversation to the kids, so they could get the general idea of what it should sound like. As I was strolling around the room talking, I came across a girl that was busily copying someone’s homework.

Thai kids have this down to a science. About 10 children might actually do the homework, and then the rest pass it around and copy it. They even know whose work they can copy that will look most like their own. It can take 10 minutes for them to compare several works, before they decide which one to copy. I have raged about this, but the faculty doesn’t seem to care, it seems to be accepted by everyone here.

Anyway, I am not sure which irritated me more, the fact that she was to lazy to do her own work, or the fact that she was ignoring what I was saying. Either way, as I was talking, I picked up both notebooks and walked over and set them on my desk.

First, she glared at me, because she knew that I would most likely tear the notebook she was copying from in half, and throw it in the trash can. That way she gets to explain to her copy buddy what happened to it, and buy them a new one. But then, after the glare didn’t work, she virtually exploded into tears.

Kids are sensitive, but this was ridiculous. She damn well knew the risk, and the penalty. I asked her what the excessive drama was for, but received no answer. She just put her head down in her arms and kept sobbing. You’d think I just ran over her dog.

I had the same class 2 days later, and she seemed fine, as if nothing had happened. What a world.


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Yes, the nefarious one has been at it again. Thanks for stopping by to check out the latest Mobiness.

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  • Lucertola
    Lucertolaabout 4 years ago

    Oh yes, all those poor poor children, suffering so horribly at the hands of their teachers. My most favorite teacher actually retired because the school made him start teaching Freshman English. (I was taking his Latin class.) I came into class one morning to find him clearly agitated and somewhat distraught, so I asked him what was wrong. I’m afraid I’ve always been a bit of a teacher’s pet.

    He said, “You know, I’ve been up since 4 a.m. thinking about these damn freshmen. They skip my class and they don’t do the work and then they have their parents call or come in and chew me out because I’m failing them in my class. I just don’t understand it.”

    It is disgraceful to me that the world loses great teachers because behaviors like that are tolerated and even enabled in some cases. Kudos to you & I surely hope you get a raise! ~Lu

  • Thank you for your vote of support Lucertola. I understand how your Latin teacher felt, and am sorry that he left under those circumstances. I am not holding my breath for a raise though. Paying people what they are worth is not a common practice here. The government knows that keeping the people uneducated and needy, will help them keep control of them, so they can keep stealing from them. But, they can’t get them all! I have a few students who are determined to make something with their life. I cling to them like a life preserver. Just one, even just one!

    – mobii

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