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New T-shirt Blog Project

Hi all,

I have been working with a friend to try and get a new blog going that focuses on t-shirt art and design. We are just getting started, but Chris suggested that I need to get going on what I am going to write about. I have come up with a few ideas that I can do once a week, or so, as a staple to keep the blog flowing.

One of those ideas was to feature a new t-shirt artist every week. That way people, especially beginners, could see what is going on out there. They could see what the hot topics are, and maybe learn a bit about the techniques and styles that active artists are using these days.

What I would do is post one or two of your artworks (small image, so nobody snatches it), and a set of 8 – 10 interview questions that you have answered. Just basic stuff, like where you …

X 9746 - Horror Movie Contest

Just a note to let my friends know that I am running a little contest. We have a 5 day holiday coming up, which means I get extra time to play on the computer, and watch old movies, so I want to share the lazy love a bit.

The contest rules are simple. The number “X 9746” appears in an old horror movie, and all you have to do is tell me which movie its in. It could have been on a car license plate, a rocket ship, or even the wolfman’s dog collar. It’s very easy to see. All you have to do is tell me which movie you saw it in. I will give you a few hints.

1. It’s in a horror movie
2. The movie was made before 1960 (B&W)
3. The movie was a sequel (I think there ended up being 3 movies all together)
4. There weren’t any zombies in it
5. Rita II
6. Quote: &#…

Who is dat is?

My dad has been tracking down the family lineage. He got to the point where great great granddad Frederick (my middle name) came over from Germany and started a farm in Egypt Mills, Missouri (I have no idea why). But, we didn’t know where he came from in Germany. Enter my wonderful friend Tricia. Txx lives in the UK, and is very active in all types of things ancestral. She found out that G.G.grandpappy was from Hanover, Germany. We have spent months messing with this, and she found all kinds of new goodies in about 5 minutes. Whilst perusing all this new family tree gold, I kept coming across terms like “second cousin” and “twice removed”. I have heard them used before, but was never sure what they meant. Well, you know that when you are in doubt, Wiki it out…

Adding Text Around a Circle

I am sure everyone already knows how to do this, but I didn’t. I was setting each letter, one at a time. It took for ever. Here is the link to a quick and easy tutorial on how to put text in a circle. There are many ways to do it, but this is the easiest one I have found. It also doesn’t distort the letters, like many ways of doing this do. The tutorial is here.

Scribble Sketching

I haven’t sketched in a very long long long time. I was procrastinating at making the change from pencil to mouse (or tablet). I bought a tablet, but just kind of stared at it for a year. I just read a few articles about “Scribble sketching”, so I decided to give it a try.

This is my first attempt at sketching my daughter Puk. The original photo was a color shot of her in her "hair covering half my face, the world doesn’t understand me, and I don’t like tuna fish, drama phase. I like the free handed way of scribble sketching. It reminds me more of using a pencil than just clicking a few buttons in Photoshop.

One of the keys to it is the original photo. I needs to be very high res, and preferably fairly large. That way I can get a decent outline to use f…

The New Homepage

I have been staring at the new homepage for a while now. I like the old one better. The large pic on the new one takes longer to load, and too long to scroll to the next one. I have been told that the average person scans a webpage in about 6 seconds, to decide whether they want to stay on it or not. If that’s true, then I don’t like the idea of gambling that short time all on one design. I liked it better when we had a group of them on there. I think it gives us better odds that the viewer might see something they like, and click on it. Just my opinion. What do you think?

FYI Credit Card stuff

One of the downsides to living in paradise is trying to get a credit card. When I left the states, I canceled my cards because I was no longer living there. I should of kept them, but I didn’t. It can be hard for a foreigner to get a card here. Which sucks because you can’t buy anything online, or even verify your Paypal account because the Thai debit cards won’t work online.

Anyway, i just got a debit card from . Yeah, it’s a prepaid card, but it’s better than nothing. The main reasons I got it are that since I have to put money on it to spend, I can’t get to wild with it. The other is that you can add money to it straight from your Paypal account. They send you a statement update to your email address everyday, or whenever the ca…

The Commissioner

I just got a message from the t-shirt revolution group about an awesome new idea. They are proposing a system called The Commissioner. This lets potential buyers request new artwork from artists who are into designing the particular thing the customer wants. Kind of an artsy “love connection” deal. Ain’t dat sweet?

All you have to do is go to the link above and get the code for the banner to put on your homepage. Add the Commissioner to your watchlist, and then help spread the word. The more people we can hook up to the artist that can design exactly what they are looking for, the more sales will happen. Sales are a good thing! So GET TO IT ALREADY!

Hey wait….isn’t the commissioner an elected official office? Who voted for him? What do we really know about …