Just like Nigerian scams

Mattbot wrote a poem. Please enjoy …

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Ironically, a pulverised face.
What a big bucket of the Six years in the Pacific.

It looks like all of Australia.
New friggin’ puppy photos!

I was borrowed into the turtle
The turtle which had drawn all its limbs
into its way to becoming you.

We’re planning to wear a tie.
This one got a pat …

After writing this, I responded in kind.
And calling Hawke a good talent in my spam folder.
The best strategy to keep up with a vampire, and it out.
My mother’s two people watching Big article in the bush …
Yes, seen every time!

What are controlling the drones.
Rage Against them a parcel isn’t as bad as a
tension headache/migraine combination,
which there should be a freak,

just like Nigerian scams.


  • Matt Mawson
    Matt Mawsonover 1 year ago

    Random phrases from my Facebook updates.

  • Jellyscuds
    Jellyscudsover 1 year ago

    Ahhh, makes more sense now. Amazing what odd sentences appear as status updates and it does prove we all type a lot of bulltwang.

  • David Bowie once used random phrases on strips of paper to write lyrics. This is a similar process, but Bowie does it right.

    – Matt Mawson

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreabout 1 year ago

    I knew you were having fun with randomness. This is wild. From your updates? What a great idea. It could be your annual newsletter, “Excerpts from the year’s updates”.

    This “stanza” probably shouldn’t go into a love letter though:

    “I was borrowed into the turtle’s bum.
    The turtle which had drawn all its limbs
    into its way to becoming you.”


  • I’ve got no memory of those updates. They were possibly someone’s responses to my posts. I can’t remember the name of the application that automatically generated the excerpts, but it seems a few people are creating poems from the first lines of their friends updates. One woman released a book of such poems.

    – Matt Mawson