Discourse with an American Dadaist - Part 2.

WoW. You have just penned a very insightful essay! On the American attitude and on my “art” in particular.

I do have an upbeat sort of outlook on things. Someone said “the combination of intelligence and naiveté is dangerous.” I don’t know how to be rude or mean, which is a hindrance in the workplace. I am spending more time on art now; making a living 9-5 doesn’t leave much time to get serious.
You are very insightful about the changes in America. Few Americans know any history or choose to ignore it. We have not had to endure the wars or toppling of governments that were the history of Europe, and the cockiness caught up as we let the gub’ment do for us and we have become fat and happy in ignorance.
I see the internet as the great leveller and also a new land of opportunity. It is also like going into a monster shopping mall or store…too many choices. Even your Metropolis Big City Vitality Style makes me a bit nervous!

But at least everyone has a chance to have their say… I do cards primarily because larger works pose the eternal problem of framing or being gallery-ready.
Ah well…I am so glad to communicate with you more! (and in English…my French dictionary is getting a work-out and is useless anyway for Big Concepts!)
I socialize with Cole on catster.com…that is where another cat member said my cats “embrace creative chaos” and it hit home!
O dear. It will be 100 degrees today and that will give me time to think more on your viewpoint from across the pond…
What if I have been Dada all my life? Even here!

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Discourse with an American Dadaist - Part 2. by 

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  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingover 6 years ago

    nnnow mmmargot…you don’t think perhaps you are taking all this labelling stuff just a bit too seriously? well maybe not you….maybe you are being charmed by Mr Mercer? all very fun to discuss previous art trends and styles but do you really want a label? It is sad but we do tend to be given labels when we don’t want them. For instance I get “cute” when really, like you, I am intelligent and naive. (but I don’t want a label at all) I understand the attraction of dissection but would rather make than pull apart, and I don’t need to know why I do what I do. Anyway I’ll still stay tuned to your continuing conversation with interest

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 6 years ago

    heh heh…that is sort of the point of this, Soxy! We all have something to say, some in music, some in art, some can write…but it will come out. Like the joke, “What is Art, Harry? Why do you ask – you are an Accountant.” I am happy for your interest, and no, you are not “cute” in the way that makes one bristle!

    MERCAover 6 years ago

    Disagree Soxy.

    I think its quite useful ! We all know that these labels and categories are broad sweeps but they do indicate certain common patterns of thought , visual ideas about the world and attitudes.. my feeling is that something close to Dadaism is actually very relevant now, perhaps as an antidote to the saccarin perfect body formed world of the media and advertising.

    We both struggle with any labels about our own art… but curiously we do about other peoples. We have both seen things in each others art that we ourselves don’t readily see.. and these labels are a convenient way of expressing that.

    Now with the internet being a great leveller it is also rather like a vast ocean of art.. and its quite hard to raise yourself up with the sea of other stuff around. In my opinion any idea that is relevant or interesting is worth pursuing.

    Impressionism and Pop may be labels.. but they also define periods in art quite well.. and they are a convenient label that the whole world now recognises. If the corporate world likes labels.. then I am happy with an anti-label…label.

    With your mermaid tendencies its clear why you are at home swimming around in the vast undefined ocean of internet art.. flapping around with your wubber gloves and your wellies on. For us landlubbers.. it’s find a few conceptual logs.. lash them together and cling on.. Glug.. glug..

    Of course I know when you go to the shops.. you say I will never buy that because its got a label on it. :oP

    MERCAover 6 years ago

    So when I am listening to nihilistic English popular music from the 70’s.. I shouldn’t refer to it as PUNK ?

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