Valley of the Moon, United States

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True Fairy Tale She thought he was beautiful… True Fairy Tale – part 2 She did not lack for beaux… True Fairy Tale -interlude …sudden waking and recognition… True Fairy Tale – part 3 …comments quivered in the air with a distinct scent of disapproval… True Fairy Tale – part 4 … it was not lost on her that he, too, had the gregarious easy personality that seemed to highlight the family. cry Freedom I know its name but cannot speak it… Observation They called me… Seven Years She said she was getting younger… Wanton no yelling… Useless Laws by mmargot Poised Fragments Defragmentation / Shuffling through glass shards / like thousands of pieces of silver, / fragmenting vision emotionally fogged. / Forget th… More and lesser Blank is possibility… one more time without feeling …play pretend again. Finally …pain in the butt - The Iron Maiden redux …naked in emotions without the metal casing. Widow’s Rant now I have the money… Father Time “You wear it well” she said… (PG) Reflect …a pivotal time. Still Time Time can stand still; but it is not its nature… cool cat find…be…see Time Piece is it time yet… “Faster, Faster” …black and white paper flowers Dada in California !? A certain group of the DaDa (or DADA?) persuasion has befriended and encouraged me… Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 2. WoW. You have just penned a very insightful essay! On the American attitude and on my “art” in particular. / I do have… Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 4 To quote Maya Angelou’s brother, Bailey Johnson, “All knowledge is spendable currency depending on the market.” These days… Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 6 “I think too much, I worry me to death…” I bet a lot of people… In Sight Full they were thick; / coca cola bottom eyes. / first contact lenses; / teen with glass eyes. / science saves face; / thinner lenses. / “how di… Know. Why? …Plato & the boys said so Gilt M is for Marushka / who had slim skills / and lesser Powers; / lacking style to limn an ikon / she / was / martyred / to / Gilt / and bu… Aimless The street sweeper crawls / with brushing feelers / and mirrors like eyes on stalks. / PhDilettante / c. 1972