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aka : PhDilettante

  1. we all have facets of man and woman;
  2. art can be personal, political or business;
  3. there is no magic without a believing love;
  4. you can have true Joy without being Happy;
  5. everything is possible; it is just not where you thought it
    would be;
  6. perhaps we are here to confuse people with what is natural for us.

“To make visible, what without you, might never have been seen.”
~ Robert Bresson

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Inspecting and Suspecting

Cat Mother : No touch, Cole – not for cats! / Cole : Well, what is it this time? / CM : Thinking of what to pack for my trip. / Cole : That means “away,” doesn’t it? / CM : (silence) / Cole : Well, doesn’t it, or what? Jacques went “away” and he never came back! / CM : This is different; I will be away having fun and I will be back. Promise. /…
Posted 19 days – 8 comments

Shout Out to Australia ...

When the last rant was posted here, there was much saber and soul-rattling but whatthehell whatthehell – what good is all this sound and fury unless it creates action, eh? / Coming soon to Melbourne, Darwin and Sydney and the Fleurieu Peninsula area – anyone who wants to meet up, let me know! / Until then, g-g-G-Day, all!
Posted about 1 month – 7 comments

Casting the I-Ching

There comes a time in the lives of men [and WO-men] when purpose goes missing, goals are forgotten, life assumes cruise control. Churn it as we may, the status quo is static. / The budding philosopher of university days can no longer cite a meaningful quote or tap into an undiscovered lodestone of wisdom for guidance. The Meaning of Life is what is trending on the social medium of choice. The …
Posted 5 months – 15 comments

in re : geneology [ two ]

She is gone now, y’know. But she left her eyes behind. / …the eyes that “are just like his only his were steely grey.” / [ Taking her secrets with her ] / She is gone, y’know. / …leaving a battlefield of walking wounded who did not realize they were victims of a private war with demons only she could see. “I can’t fight anymore,” She onc…
Posted 10 months – 19 comments

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