It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


Curated, when it's art and not a free for all

Print on demand is selling products made from a person’s image.

But is it collectible and in demand or soft after?

How does a collector or person so interested in acquiring something special, when the sheer number of art works is in the millions on a site?

Curated sites, step in.

Over the last five years investors have funneled tens of millions of dollars into fledgling websites that help users buy, sell, borrow, and learn about art online.

Ubuntu: The Healing of the Sacred Hoop

‎"If men and women could only feel for one another the world would be in perfect harmony and balance."

Despite the sharing of thoughts from the Old One’s, we have not listened nor learned the concept of Ubuntu.

In time, much more time, we will put aside our differences, in time, though, not quite, yet. We have too listen more to the voices of harmony and compassion and understanding.

If only, It is a unification of a world vision enshrined in the Zulu maxim umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu — a person is a person through other persons.

Is any thing new or original

When, art, has been created since mankind was put on the planet?

We say, create something new.

Photographs are not new, staying with something, I think I understand, photography.

The tools are the same, in process. We still capture images and record them.

So, that’s not new.

We have styles of photographs, which are not new or original.

We seem to be remaking what was and re-branding as, new, improved and original.

Wall Pin Wednesday

Driving traffic to our shop, profile, etc., is one way of improving our standing and getting more exposure.

Wall Pin Wednesday is one way as well.

“We were recently inspired by one of our favorite chats on Twitter, Interior Designer Chat. Well, truth be told that’s not unusual! But during this particular session the topic was Pinterest, and the discussion, as always, was fast, furious, and fun. Pinterest, if you are unfamiliar, is a fairly new social media site that allows users to collect, “pin”, and share images on “boards”. It basically takes the place of a scrapbook, mood board or inspiration board. The Interior Design community is rightfully quite smitten with Pinterest. It’s a fantastic tool, and especially so for creative and visually based businesses.”


Having sat with many from different countries and different religions

when a mosque was firebombed in Perrysburg, Ohio, we all listened to people speak of compassion and understanding, towards the person who allegedly committed the act, and we then listened as members and leaders of the faith community, spoke about compassion and understanding of each other.

We didn’t isolate and segregate by faith as we sat, we sat as a community and sought to understand each other and be compassionate towards each and speaker after speaker had the same message, no matter what word we use, the creator is with us and being compassionate and understanding is the gift we are given, if we recognize the gift.

At a time of great tragedy, please, remember and try to be compassionate and understanding towards others, we are all different for a reason.

ToledoWiki is a grand prize winner

LocalWiki is a collaborative platform for communities, the communities where we live, work and play in.

A competition has been under way and the news broke.

“Today, we’re happy to announce that the teams behind ToledoWiki and Anchorage Adopt-a-Hydrant are the two Grand Prize Winners in the Race for Reuse. The prize for each will be a block party and a year of free hosting for the app. Engagement Award winners will get a year of free hosting to help sustain the effort.”

Your community can benefit as well and so can we as artists and members of our community

Pssst...wanna know the secret to success?

There is no secret, Rule # 1

We have to try.

When we fail.

We look at what we did.

And we try again.

And we rinse and repeat as needed.

If you’d like to send me a check for $ 29.99 for the advice, I’d be more than willing.

Or, try and try and try and find what works.

Contracts for photographers

One caught my eye.

A contract to sell fine art photography.

I have not downloaded the contract, but, how in the world would we enforce the contract?

If, the collector wanted to sell the art, many buy as investments, how would we stop the person from selling the art, with a contract?

I’ve bought vintage works, from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and the photographers made the images to be sold and collected.

A Collection of Free Sample Legal Forms for Photographers
Read more

Too few, too many, or just right?


I think of this as my portfolio that I will be presenting to a gallery director the next day (or even one that a director might stumble upon without me knowing). Would I put in 3 variations of the same work and then ask them which one they liked? Would I include work that I know is unfinished?”

What Should You Upload?

To me, as I am looking to expand myself as a photographic artist, this statement is important.

We can, upload, hundreds upon thousands, if, we wish too.

Then, we ask, why am I not be found or followed, etc.

Could be, the sheer numbers of works are staggering and we humans, have a short attention span and we need something to catch our eye and make us want to stop and look, instead of repetitive pieces, nearly the same.

Is it an art gallery or a photo sharing s…

Perfacts blog

My journey as a photographer/visual artist has taken me into the world of social networking.

Many acquaintances around the world.

My ancestors are of eastern Europe. My fathers family, Polish and my mothers from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

I’ve come to meet, via social networking, people from Iran, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, UK, and many, many other places, that I dream of visiting.

Today, I found a blog with acquaintance, ENI TURKESHI.

She makes art, that is stunning, visual, encompassing and challenging.

Wish list

In the future, we need solutions, to problems, that have not yet, occurred, so we can prevent problems from occurring.

Locally promoting

Found this great resource, locally.

A great way to promote art, locally and reach people, locally.

We tend to forget one of our best sources of fans and people to connect with, the people in our community.


Get Comfy with Brooklyn Hip-Hop

“Comfort’s the reason for my survival
Stress is a virus, relaxing is vital
Regrets are mistakes, treat mistakes like type-o’s
when live moves fast you need to drive slow "

Comfy from the release Nice Things by Dollar Coffee

Maybe a little early

But, the time has come for me, to not fuss over what I cannot control and focus on what I can control, me.

Setting plans for art for the next year, focusing on finding the light and sharing what I find.

Have you found the light?

You’ve got a fancy camera with lenses, find the light. You can capture 5 fps, find the light. That, lens, can resolve the eye lashes on a fly at 500 ft, have you found the light?

Fallen Timbers

One of a favorite place of mine to visit from time to time is Fallen Timbers in Perrysburg, Ohio.

A place rich in history and scenes.

And if you are of a good mind, you can almost hear the sounds of the battles and horses running through the fields and troops and first nation people rushing here and there.

Trees at Fallen Timbers

Wanna know why your photos are getting seen?

Much like the McDonald’s signs, billions, billions and more billions.

“In a feature on new trends in photography, published in Frieze magazine in November/December 2011, the American artist and writer Chris Wiley made a direct link between the post-digital image overload and photography’s ongoing crisis of meaning: “It is indisputable that we now inhabit a world thoroughly mediatised by and glutted with the photographic image and its digital doppelganger. Everything and everyone on Earth and beyond, it would seem, has been slotted somewhere in a rapacious, ever-expanding Borgesian library of representation that we have built for ourselves. As a result, the possibility of making a photograph that can stake a claim to originality has been radically called into questi…

Now, this is art theft

Thieves Steal $2M Worth Of Art At Pretoria Art Museum In South Africa

The theft Sunday at the Pretoria Art Museum saw robbers calmly pay $2.25 apiece for tickets and ask a curator to show them specific paintings at the gallery before they pulled out pistols and forced all others to the ground, officials said. They tied up the curator and others before collecting the paintings they previously asked about, official said.

Copying a digital image to another site, art theft? Or simple copyright infringement?

The goal achieved

I am not a person that sets goals, don’t like the disappointment when they are not achieved, or simply, give myself a job well done, when I achieve something by surprise or determination.

At my current gallery show, an artist statement is required.

I submitted, My photographs are a reflection on how I see the world around me, not a grand sweeping vista, but little snippets that many walk by and never notice, or so it seems.

I make photographs to share with the viewer something more than just a static snap.

I want to engage the viewer and share with them, a scene, a time, a moment that reminds them of something, jogs a memory.

I had six people stop me and tell me that they had a remembrance or a place come back after many years, to them.

Some commented on how the photographs seem to …

Using Emotion In Your Photography Branding

This is something I need to work on, how about you?

“How a business presents itself can be the difference between success and failure. Photographers are no exception to this rule. Photography branding is part marketing, part customer service and part style. How you brand your business – from logo to business cards, website to social media pages, portfolio to promo piece – all affect a buyer’s decision whether to work with you or not.”

MediaNovack Story

Make a Difference in the Life of an Adoptable Dog!

The Mrs and me, own and operate Angel On Call Dog Rescue, Inc.

Thundershirts are helping shelters and rescue groups across the country to manage the dogs they receive with anxiety, fear and excitement issues. Your Thundershirt Donation will be put to excellent use helping to transition one of our wonderful dogs back to a forever home.

Learn more about the shirts and how to a support a rescue or shelter to carry on with the work that we do.

Quantum theory of photography

I think I’ve stumbled on it.

While a reception for The Labuda and Pond Exhibition visitors commented that the works, by both of us, have movement or the illusion of movement in them.

How a two dimensional piece of art lead me to conclude, in something approaching science, well, I’ve watched science shows, that the images were moving and remaining still on the walls, or that we were moving and the works remained still, or, I have made that connection with viewers that I’ve been searching for.

Some commented that as they stood in place in front of the images, the images had once appearance, as they backed up, the images changed. There’s the quantum bit again.

I am writing it up to fig newtons of people’s imaginations and I am taking time off, to ponder time and…

Moving through time and space

The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s latest exhibition at the Parkwood Gallery features two artists as they explore concepts of movement and time in an overlapping space.

The Labuda and Pond Exhibition highlights the work of Ben Pond and Mitch Labuda.


Photographer’s Introduction to Color Theory

This kind of info makes my eyes glaze over.

Too many years in labs, then fixing stuff and the endless debates about color versus black and white.

And, don’t, say, when asked a color printing looking good, say, color? I am a man, we don’t see fancy pretty colors. No, sense, of, humor. ;-)

Remember, the color on the wheel goes round and round, something that’s considered to not be funny as well.

The first stop in learning about color theory is getting to know about the colors itself and the orders of color on a color wheel.

Science and the art of creativity

I listened to an interview about this study and dope slapped the radio, well ya, some whom have illnesses are creative, not the other way round, as some would imply.

“New research shows a possible explanation for the link between mental health and creativity. By studying receptors in the brain, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have managed to show that the dopamine system in healthy, highly creative people is similar in some respects to that seen in people with schizophrenia.”

Creativity linked to mental health

Expressionist lens exposes an inner truth

Images made with a camera to appear more like paintings? What’s the word, I’m looking for? Brilliant!

“There is an otherworldly feel to Steve Back’s photographs.
Blocks of flamingo pink and burnt orange bleed in to each other, held back only by strips of crusty white. You could be looking at a Mark Rothko painting, a Martian landscape or something under a microscope.
In fact, the works – some of which feature in a new exhibition opening this week – are aerial photographs of southern and western Australia taken over a three-year period and shot from a light aircraft, allowing Back to create vast compositions based on the naturally occurring colours and shapes of the landscape.”

Read more

Photography: is it art?

The debate, then, in between and now and the questions are still raised, which is good.

The images by Julia Margaret Cameron help to illustrate that photography is too “literal”.

“For 180-years, people have been asking the question: is photography art? At an early meeting of the Photographic Society of London, established in 1853, one of the members complained that the new technique was “too literal to compete with works of art” because it was unable to “elevate the imagination”."

Guardian UK Story

The Arts Commission announces Labuda & Pond Exhibition

The Labuda and Pond Exhibition will be on display October 8 – November 16, 2012 in the Parkwood Gallery. The public is invited to join us for an artist’s reception for the exhibition on Friday, November 2 from 6 to 8 pm.

The bodies of work in this exhibition are unique perspectives of time and movement. Both artists explore space that overlaps a moment to convey something deeper than the place itself.

Ben Pond conveys meaning and emotion in his paintings with color, value and expressive drawn strokes in the media of pastel. What looks to be records of swift movements in his drawings are well thought out strokes and planed marks across experiences of various places.

In his photographs, Mitch Labuda uses a variety of angles and planned movements, to illustrate with his camera, similar to a …

What would artists of the 18th and 19 centuries

Do in an age where we could put any piece we dream of and in any quantity on a platform as we have now, the Web.

Would they rush to capture and show each scene they saw?

Would they promote it over and over?

Would they make art, just to keep the social channels lively and keep them noticed?

Would their craft suffer?

Photography influence on Manet

I was made aware of this, by a staff member of the The Arts Commission of Toledo, when I was preparing and submitting works to a show.

She commented that Manet wanted to try and capture motion in his works and he used photographs to help create his masterpieces.

“TOLEDO, OHIO — Long before smartphones turned so many of us into amateur photographers and revolutionized how we depict each other through social media, there were the works of French Impressionist Edouard Manet.

Known for portraits of friends and celebrities of his era, the painter often called “the first modern artist” came of age during the mid-1800s when photography first became available to the public. He even kept his own collection of photos of the subjects he painted."

Read more here:

I learned something today

I wrote I make art for myself first and if others like it that’s great and if they don’t that’s great as well, now, that I’ve written it, I understand what I’ve written

"If you're overdoing it you're saturating your work, and will start putting up bad photos."

Reading photography articles and then reading about Instagram, I thought, the one line in the article reminded me of the old days, when we didn’t snap thousands and then share thousands, but, those that we really thought were our best.

“SYDNEY based news photographer @mickspix has been dubbed “Australia’s Instagram King” after receiving more than 500 likes on his pictures.

Instagram is the wildly popular photo-based social network growing at a meteoric rate, with more than 1.5m Australians visiting the site each month.

The service democratises photography, providing all participants with the same digital filters to add exciting retro finishes to their photographs.

One of the most popular Australian accounts is run by the award winning photographer Mick Tsikas…

Works in a gallery versus web sites

Putting together works for an upcoming show at the Parkwood Gallery in Toledo, Ohio, it dawned on me, that in a gallery show, generally, we can show between 1 and maybe 20, unless of course we are well established artists.

Here, or other web sites, we can have hundreds, even into the thousands if we choose.

And then the question becomes, how do we as the needle in the haystack get found?

Featured Lines Reading Series

“Featured Lines is our new reading series that will launch in October! The series will feature a single poet/writer each month to give an extended reading at the gallery followed by a Q&A session. The aim of this reading series is to shine the spotlight on a single writer; providing them with the platform to present a body of work and the necessary time to engage and connect with the audience.”

Launch Pad is located at: 911 Jefferson Ave. Toledo, OH 43604

How to Design the Perfect Twitter Header Image

I updated my twitter page header image by following the steps in this article.

“Twitter recently rolled out an updated design for profile pages, which allows you to insert a new “header photo” that sits on top of your feed, much like Facebook’s timeline cover image.

Today we’re going to dive in and see some examples of good Twitter profile images and discuss how you can design your own. I’ll even toss in a free template so you can get started right away."

Design Shack

AMC Pacer

Remember the American Motors Corporation Pacer.

Headed to a service call and a near mint 1976 Pacer was in front of me.

Call to Artists private non profit county arts council for Canton and Stark County

A. Project Summary – ArtsinStark, the private non profit county arts council for Canton and Stark County, OH is issuing a “Request for Qualifications/RFQ for professional artists to design, fabricate and install artwork in front of the Frank T. Bow Building at 201 Cleveland Avenue, SW Canton, OH. The Call for Artists deadline is October 15, 2012. The installation deadline is before December 31, 2013.


Gangnam Style

Music transcends languages and cultures.

This new release;

“With 180 million views and counting, it’s the most-viewed Korean pop music video in YouTube’s history. He’s appeared on Ellen, NBC’s Today Show, the MTV Video Music Awards; he’s signed a deal with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun — and just today, Gangnam Style hit number one on the U.S. iTunes singles chat.

PSY spoke to weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz about his new success, and whether he’s going to take Justin Beiber to Gangnam and celebrate in style.

“We just promise that we’re gonna drink all night long,” he says."

Be warned the tune is infectious. and the dance, well a new craze

Pinterest, Instagram, and YOU

“Instagram and Pinterest have become two of the most popular social media networks this year. With users flocking to niche social platforms in droves, this means you need to be there, too, right? Well, not necessarily. Come learn how these platforms work, best practices for each, and if it makes sense to include them in your own marketing strategy.

Join us on Tuesday, September 25, from 6-8 p.m., at the Professional Building (1838 Parkwood Ave, Room 450). "

Arts Commission of Greater Toledo

10 Minutes to Better Branding & Connections with Gravatar

Putting a human face and human experience for us to connect with others.

“Jason Wiser aka (e)webbystation has posted a new video to YouTube showing the power Gravatar has for branding and making connections, including some things I was unaware of. The video features this blog – Empire Avenue Tips. How cool is that?!?

Gravatar enables you to set up a Globally Recognizable AVATAR, which is a publicly available profile picture. Many blogs (including this one) and other sites use Gravatar to show a picture with a users profile or comment."

Better Branding


“The 1920s in Russian photography were the most exciting years, an age of great experiments. Photographers from different styles exhibited at major salons both at home and abroad. As in the West, modernist photography was coming into vogue, while the pictorialist movement was still popular with photographers who continued to explore printing techniques and remained faithful to their aesthetic ideals. Highlighted are works by Sergey Lobovikov using bromoil processes in his evocative images of the Russian rural life, and portraits of Russian “types” made by Vitoukhnovsky who traveled throughout Russia. "

Nailya Alexander Gallery

Become an URBAN TIMES Correspondent

“At Urban Times, we’re on a constant crusade against myopia, apathy, complacence and mediocrity.

Every day, we strive to transcend the current media paradigm of cynicism and negativity, and offer forward-thinking, solutions-driven coverage of the issues that matter.

As part of this commitment we are undergoing many exciting changes, as our readership grows and our core team expands to keep pace."

I was lucky enough to be asked to become an Author for the Urban Times, here’s your chance.


Open Call to Artists: 8 x 8 : A Benefit for Launch Pad Cooperative

Launch Pad Cooperative is in Toledo, Ohio

“This December, Launch Pad Cooperative will be hosting the very first 8 × 8 show as an LPC fundraiser. The money generated by this show will be used to offset the expenses of programming such as artist talks and panel discussions, work on special projects like catalogs and exhibitions abroad, and for general operating expenses.

Artists are invited to make pieces of artwork in a 8″ × 8″ format that can hang on the wall. These pieces can be as elaborate or simple as you like. You can make one piece or multiple works! "

An inspirational wallpaper

I made a photograph from the Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve and because, lately, there have been so many inspirational events in my life, I thought, well, why not share some inspiration, back.

It’s free for personal use and scaled to work with the wider screens now. Should scale fine for other resolutions.

Download here

The quality of your visitors

This comment caught my eye, in an article about Stumbleupon, which we have access too, as it is one of the Share Buttons on our pages.

“Quality of your visitors” Was does that mean? Are they some how, low quality? High quality? No quality?

It means to me, are they interested in what you offer. Do you offer something to them? Do they read or look at what you offer? Do they tell others about what you wrote or offered?

How to use StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your site

Reaching your audience at the proper time

I’ve been using Buffer for some time to schedule tweets and facebook posts, now, I’ve learned of another tool in the social media tool box.

A new tool from Stumbleupon, which is really quite good at driving traffic back and then a tool, to update profiles automatically.

And in the same article, there is handy tip; “Titles matters a lot, actually it is only the title which matters and makes the user click on your link corresponding to the the Title.”

Read more here

Reflecting on being grateful

Visiting an acquaintance in Toledo, the Mrs. and me, dine out when we are able and our acquaintance owns a restaurant in Toledo.

Sitting at our table and being warmly welcomed, we placed our order.

Lebanese dishes. Lamb kibbie, Tabbouleh salad, Beef shawarma for me and a Shrimp Saute for the Mrs.

Our acquaintance, one of the owners, stopped by the table to chat.

He wondered aloud, why do we, people, eat with our eyes? We see something and we have to have it and then something else, and we have to have it and so on.

And then we are full, after taking a mere fork full.

When I was a kid, I was told to clean my plate, kids in some country were starving and I needed to eat all I could, how that helped those without food, I still don’t understand.

He related that he fasted for two days, s…

Don't make mistakes with social media

The article is about photographers, but, it applies to all of us, artists.

It is, not enough, to have a social media presence, we need a plan, a way to measure, a way to engage with our fans, followers and customers.

It’s not enough to write, here I am follow me, what’s in it for the follower?

“Social media isn’t easy. There’s always a new platform you should sign up for, or a new feature you need to learn about. And everyday you’re reminded of just how far behind you are.

If you do a million things well, they may go unnoticed. But if you make just one bad mistake — just one — you can be the source of criticism for months, and maybe even years, to come. You’ll probably even have quite a bit of crisis communication and damage control on your hands."

Read more here, a…

Natalie Goldstein: The Story Of Duality Through Photography

I have an acquaintance who is also an ex-model and he has an eye for bringing out the inner person in his works.

Ms. Goldstein has the same eye and brings out the inner person

“Having been a model for most of her working life, Natalie Goldstein decided it was time for a role reversal and that she wanted to be the one behind the camera. Becoming a photographer was not an easy task, her journey first started photographing children but it was the under the experienced wing of Wolfgang Mustain that Natalie learnt more about photographic technicalities”

Urban Times interview

Armed with a passion to make art accessible, Bekman bootstrapped a brand

It’s not enough to put art on a site and wait for buyers.

It takes a business practice to attract, find and connect with buyers and or collectors.

This story relates how one person did that, created a brand and made it successful.

You can as well.

“When Jen Bekman landed on the New York tech scene in 2007 with affordable art startup 20×200, she didn’t have a splashy concept or a huge pile of venture capitalist cash to build buzz.

Instead, armed with a passion to make art as accessible as possible, she bootstrapped her brand the old-fashioned way — leaning on the wide network of well-connected friends she’d built over the years and her background as an art gallery owner and Internet entrepreneur to get it off the ground."

Read more

I discovered the secret!!!!

About social media!!!

It’s about being social!!!

Who knew?

Got something to share?

Share it, leave the rants and complaints at home.

Who wants to interact with sad sacks and ranting?

Want to promote your art? Use social media!

What do you think?

If we back away from the word, Hate, when we mean, we dislike something?What if we back away from the word, Insane, when something was exciting or we really liked and what if we backed away from each other and took a deep breath and realized the differences between us, are there for a reason.

A little one shares the words of the old ones'

“I am only 10 and don’t know about all the religions but the recent shooting in Wisconsin got me wondering about other religions. I watched the coverage on TV (for once my parents seemed OK with it) and the reporter kept saying that temple seemed to have been mistaken for a Muslim place of worship. Then, I heard another person saying “Sikhs are not Muslims.” I started thinking what if we were? It would still be wrong for Mr. Page to come in the place of God and shoot people.”

Read More


I want music like visual art, to challenge, show me something different, fill my ears with something different.

A personal brand

Do you have one?

Did you create one?

Do you need a brand?

To stand out in a crowded field of artists, one needs to create a brand, besides art, to be successful and gain notice.

Creating a brand is not difficult, but it does require work and a business practice.

This story, can lend some help to creating a personal brand

About Claude Monet

I am a big fan of the Impressionistic artists and Mr. Monet, is but one of them. The Toledo Ohio Museum of Art, has some of his works in the holdings and they are joy to view.

“Claude Monet’s artistic personality developed in Le Havre, where he grew up and spent his childhood. The impressions he gained in the Channel coast, were decisive for his choice of themes, which were much in connection with water. Beaches and harbors, sailing boats, which crossed the coast, can visually see that Monet loved the water. “Ideally I would always be at or on the sea and when I die, I want to be buried in a buoy,” Monet once said to have emphasized."

Pressenet Article

Bring Forth The Beast

Read about this artist today on the Urban Times; “Hailing from Sydney, Brad Eastman, usually known as Beastman to his fans, has graced walls all over the world. His pieces often depict weird and monstrous creatures, which are commonly symmetrical and painted in bold colours (especially blues and oranges).”

Fascinating art and artist


Twitter is a tool in the social media toolbox

Isn’t it?

Sure there’s gossip, quotes about quotes and a whole raft of noise, but, there are statistics and numbers and patterns in the data, that a marketer or, like us, those that market ourselves can use to reach out and be more effective.

MachoArts a favorite resource of mine, has some tips to better understand how we use twitter and it can be applied to other social networks as well.

Words of encouragement

And if you are an artist, you know how good words can make you feel, both good or bad.

Today, it is good.

I have a profile on and from time to time, the good people that operate the site, promote members on social media. Yesterday they posted a selection of my works on google plus and an unsolicited comment was made; “if all people were as creative as this dude,we would be far much ahead!!splendid”

This dude is grateful and humbled at the comment

Making a difference with art and for and with others

I’ve often thought, what could I do or give or help others with, in relationship to photography, which is a passion and expression of who I am.

I have kicked around ideas in my head, but, the time does not seem right or the need is not here, yet.

Read this inspirational story about a photography who found an outlet and need and connected with the Remix Project

"I was forced to slow down and think about each frame."

A quote from this article

Large format or medium format, will allow us to slow down and look at the scene or portrait we wish to record.

Applying the same thought process, as Ansel Adams called it, visualization we learn to, see, first, and compose then make the exposure.

It works even in the digital age.

I’ve got a 4 × 5 Graphic View waiting patiently in its case for a return to the field, soon, very soon.

Acquaintances made from Social Media

Social media, is more than marketing and business.

It can be a way to interact and meet others.


I do not photograph people, but, this photographer has a way of bringing out the inner person in the works and I am glad to have been introduced to Steeve via social media.

Visit his commercial site

Wedding and event photography advice

I do not photograph, weddings or people and unless trees are holding a gathering when I am in a preserve, this info will maybe, helpful for those that are wedding and event shooters.

“For those of us who are wedding or event photographers, we know that the second and third shooters are indispensable. While we take our photos from one angle, they are busy covering other angles or details shots. And yet, at the end of the day, once the event is done you’re supposed to get the images from your second shooter because they are your images, right? It may seem obvious, since we did hire that shooter after all. Or is it?”

slr lounge article

Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-Five Photographs

“Edward Weston (1886-1958) is an icon of American photography. His black-and-white photographs are considered among the most important images of the 20th century. Today, Weston’s photographs are highly coveted at auction and are exhibited by countless museums throughout the world.

Celebrating the 125th birthday of one of America’s most important and influential photographers, AMMO Books has published an exquisitely produced limited edition, featuring the work of one of the medium’s greatest master craftsmen"

Shutterbug story

The Arts Commission is seeking submissions of original artwork for the Toledo Digital Billboards Art Project.

“Toledo is home to a growing number of digital billboards. These giant computer screens are mounted high above the streets and allow advertisers to blast their message out to thousands of potential customers or patrons on a daily basis. The content that runs on these giant screens typically loops on a regular schedule showing each ad for approximately 8 seconds.”

More details

Loveit is a social media site, similar to Pinterest, except quieter and less noisy. We can create panels or boards and share what we find.

I use to promote myself and others I am confident that would not mind some extra traffic and visitors.

Today in my twitter feed this came in; LoveIt /mlabudaphotos LOVE your collections of work! #photography #design #art

This is from Lindsay Fultz Marketing Mgr. & Squirrel, the mascot.

It made me smile.

A carousel ride

Remember those? In a park or amusement center.

In Toledo, we the Toledo Zoo, which luckily enough has a carousel, with the accompanied music that we remember.

Lions, tigers, horses, ponies and more to ride on get a bit dizzy.

In a dream-like sequence, a woman’s eye is slit open

“juxtaposed with a similarly shaped cloud obsucuring the moon moving in the same direction as the knife through the eye—to grab the audience’s attention. The French phrase “ants in the palms,” (which means that someone is “itching” to kill) is shown literally. A man pulls a piano along with the tablets of the Ten Commandments and a dead donkey towards the woman he’s itching to kill. A shot of differently striped objects is repeatedly used to connect scenes”

Un Chien Andalou is a 1929 silent surrealist short film by the Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí.


Fuji makes cut to Velvia film line

“Due to decreasing demand globally we have to announce the withdrawal of some formats of Velvia 100F and Velvia 50″ Fujifilm product manager for professional film Gabriel Da Costa said of the company’s decision. “It is an unfortunate consequence of of digital capture, that some of the slower selling silver-halide lines will drop off the radar.”

Maybe the response will persuade them to reconsider, as there are many film shooters around the world.

From Slash Gear

Where do you start after making an exposure?

With film, we would head to the darkroom or closet or bathroom and process our film. Then, back to the darkroom and maybe make a contact sheet, then pick an image, make a test print and maybe some dodging and burning, toss in some cropping and the final print.

We can do the same now, but we have so many options available to us.

Film formats, pixels, in camera filters, where to start, where to start.

This article has some great tips.

Establish a Digital Workflow for Better Photos

Country music by Jani (johnny) V

The good folks at Riding the Indie Music Bus™, occassionally tweet me some tunes to listen.

Indie musicians are some of the best out there.

Listened to Jani, today.

Her voice is full and rich and yet frail, have a listen if you would like too

Stores in malls

Have you ever asked yourself, how do stores in malls, stay in business with competitors in the same mall?

Branding. Creating a brand and offering to your guests that they want or need.

Simple right?

No, not quite.

What is your brand?

I’m a photographer, but so what, anyone with a camera or a phone can snap a photo.

So, what makes me stand out from the other photographers?

My brand, my social interaction with others, my images that I create, how I present myself and my images, by establishing a brand presence, my name and a tag line, sharing a photographic vision, I can better market myself.

And as a brand, we must recognize that we are in the public eye and what we say is out there for our viewers, guests and future guests, which enjoy interacting with brands that have value and are…


Imagine if we took the basis and wisdom that are the foundation for a quote and used, that basis and wisdom, where would be.

Donation to charity

Storm Clouds over a meadow – Bucyrus, Ohio

Donated a matted and framed copy of this image to: ARC Ohio’s biennial gala, Art for Life, will be held at the Columbus Museum of Art on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

Rare Cameras and DAGS

From – E-Photo Newsletter #193, July 11, 2012


By Alex Novak

Copyright © 2012 I Photo Central, LLC.
I Photo Central and Vintage Works Ltd., Alex Novak, 258 Inverness Circle,
Chalfont, PA 18914 USA

The Matthew Isenburg photography collection, which was made up of what is
considered to be the most important collection of American daguerreotypes in
private hands, rare early cameras, an important library and ephemera collection,
and other photographs and photographica, has been purchased for a reported $15
million in what is probably the highest priced single private sale of
19th-century photography and related material. "

Full story

Permission to share is gran…

In Focus: The first photo shoot and the invention of fashion photography

It is fascinating to see where the field started and where it is now.

The image; “Edward J. Steichan, Wind Fire – Therese Duncan on the Acropolis, (1921)” Incredible

“In 1911 Edward J. Steichen photographed models wearing gowns for a magazine and invented the modern photo shoot.
The early 20th century the magazine industry embraced fashion photography as a tool for selling an enviable lifestyle, and with it clothes and accessories. The combination of photographers inspired by the avant-garde or informed by world events with a strong commercial imperative helped create a unique visual language that still exists today.”


Bora Wear: Socially Concious Apparel Employing HIV+ Women

I’m a contributor to the Urban Times and this article caught my eye, as a friend from Ghana told me, village chiefs would watch over their people and care for them. When elected the chiefs would then take care of themselves, instead.

“Bora Wear is a socially conscious apparel company. The entire purpose for Bora Wear’s existence is to empower individuals through apparel. The shirts are made by HIV+ women in Embu, Kenya (who are employed at above market rates), sold in the United States, and part of the proceeds from every sale goes to an orphanage for HIV+ children called TOTO Love which is in Embu.”

urban times story

Carnegie Museum of Art show explores link between Impressionism and photography

I am no Monet of Stieglitz, but, when I submitted images to a local gallery for consideration to be included in a show, the curator of the show commented that the photographs reminded her of the work of Degas, who tried to show movement in his paintings, I nearly fell out of my chair, when I read the comparison.

“Photographers received a better reception. Invented in 1839 by Louis Daguerre, photography and its practitioners had seized the public’s imagination by the end of the 19th century. Alfred Stieglitz, who made his first photos in Berlin in 1883, devoted his life to convincing people that this new way of seeing, derided by some as merely mechanical, was an art form. A magazine publisher, art collector, tireless promoter of young talent and accomplished image maker, Stieg…

Robert Crumb's Retrospective At Musée d'Art Moderne (PHOTOS)

“Robert Crumb’s adult cartoons give a similar feeling to being insulted by a kindergardener. The kid is presumptuous, offensive and totally out of line — but oftentimes they are right. For 50 years, Crumb’s off-kilter comics have rendered, with beyond brutal honesty, the rated-R dreams of adult life: sex, drugs and bluegrass. His ability to depict twisted fantasies without judgment has made Crumb one of the most infamous comics of all time.”


As Colorado River Dries Up, The West Feels The Pain

Listened to the show and reminded me, why we need to conserve and respect the natural world.

“But the river is drying up. As it does, those who rely on it for farming, cattle ranching, fishing and tourism fear economic disaster.

Sandra Postel, Director of the Global Water Policy Project, and photographer and writer Peter McBride join host Neal Conan in a special broadcast from Aspen, Colo., to explain the importance of the Colorado River, why it’s in peril and what is being done to help protect it."


Toledo SALAD

“Toledo SALAD is a micro-grant project inspired by Toledo SOUP and sponsored by Live Well. We are looking for ideas that can make our community healthier. We want to help fund those ideas through small donations from many people.”

web site

Fascinating Photographs

“To create this effect, Ventosa takes multiple shots of the carousel while walking around it. He then combines the series of photographs into one composite image that is meticulously worked out in his digital darkroom. The idea first came to him while observing a carousel in Les Tuileries. “That was my Eureka moment,” he said."

Catalan artist Pep Ventosa

A pleasant surprise

Two of my works are in a slide show for the Parkwood Gallery in Toledo, Ohio.

Parkwood Gallery

The mission of The Arts Commission is to develop and promote the arts in the greater Toledo community, but it’s also help artists develop themselves. To that end, the objective of The Parkwood Gallery is to allow local artists the opportunity to showcase their work to the community in a professional setting.


“In his 1821 poem “Hellas,” Shelley wrote: “A loftier Argo cleaves the main, / Fraught with a later prize; /Another Orpheus sings again, / And loves, and weeps, and dies; / A new Ulysses leaves once more / Calypso for his native shore.”

J. Paul Getty Collection

Exhibit of abstract paintings opens at museum

“Olitski (March 27, 1922-Feb. 4, 2007) is known best for his stain work in the 1960s and later spray painting techniques, and worked on a larger scale than many artists, with some of his works on display nearly 20 feet in length.

Forget suggesting that you could do this yourself. The real questions we should be asking ourselves, said Brian Kennedy, director of the Toledo Museum of Art, are: What is that? Why is it important?

“That goes to the essentials of abstraction,” he said."


The Toledo Museum of Art is holding free photo sessions for a community art project that debuts in September.

“The project is called “Museum People: Faces of TMA.” It’s a collective portrait of our community that will be made of individual photos in a wall-sized display inside the museum. Project leaders say hundreds of photos will make up the exhibit. They’re looking for Toledo Museum of Art community members of all ages including visitors, supporters, volunteers and staff."


Launch Pad Cooperative Announces Grand Opening

“Toledo’s newest shared space for artists and creative writers, Launch Pad Cooperative, invites the public to celebrate their grand opening and inaugural exhibition “Prologue” on Friday, June 15, 2012 from 6-10pm unveiling their 911 Jefferson Avenue location, at the Davis Building, in downtown Toledo.”

Press release


If you live in the greater Toledo, Ohio area, you owe to yourself to see these images.

“April 20–August 5, 2012
Works on Paper Gallery

Refraction and reflection involve changes in light waves, and both affect how we see an image. With light, shape is realized, textures arise and line is defined. Refraction/Reflection. Features approximately 100 black and white images dating from the beginning of photography in the 19th century up to the present time. All of the works are from the Museum’s collection.

Among the artists represented are Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, Eugene Atget, Imogene Cunningham, Robert Frank, Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz."

Toledo Ohio Museum of Art

Toledo museum to be sole U.S. venue for Manet exhibit

Not L.A, not NYC, not Chicago, just us in Toledo!

Manet as well as the other impressionistic painters have been an influence for me and I am looking forward to this exhibition.

“The Toledo Museum of Art will be the sole American venue for a new exhibit featuring the work of the brilliant 19th-century French Impressionist Edouard Manet.

The inaugural exhibit, Manet: Portraying Life, will include 40 portraits and will have a three-month run at the Toledo Museum of Art beginning in October, Museum Director Brian Kennedy said Friday during the formal announcement of the show.

“We expect this exhibit will draw tens of thousands of people to Toledo,” said Mr. Kennedy. “We saw this as a strategic move that increases the visibility of the museum and of our own collection.&…

This weeks submission URBAN TIMES

I was lucky enough, to be out when the family ducks came strolling down
the trail, with no cares and where enjoying the day, as was I.

“Canal boats once carried goods and people 249 miles between Toledo and
Cincinnati, linking Lake Erie and the Ohio River. Visitors to
Providence today get a sense of what canal travel was like during a
trip aboard an authentic, mule-drawn canal boat on an original section
of the Miami and Erie Canal.”

April 15, 2012 Image of the Week

I'm an author?

“Urban Times is a global online network dedicated to optimistic forward-thinking. Our mission is to improve the world by providing knowledge and solutions to the myriad of issues facing Planet Earth today. To achieve our dreams a spirit of collaboration must permeate all we do, online and off. We hope to combine both improved interactivity and the next generation of thought leaders and innovators on one platform so that we not only identify the problems but can possess the tools to better tackle them.”


Used with permission

By Al B. Umen

We at I Photo Central wanted to see if our newsletter readers were up on their
knowledge regarding photography. Well, actually we didn’t really want to know,
but we had this idea of a quiz to test your patience and ability to keep awake
while reading questions on all things photographic. So let us start in. You
need a sharp pencil (basically to jab yourself to keep yourself awake) and
probably a good eraser. A score of less than ten out of ten means that:
A. You’ve been drinking too much again.
B. You’ve been smoking too much again (and we know who you ‘60s hippies are).
C. You’ve been breathing in too much developer fumes.
D. If you’ve skipped ahead and still can’t answer these questions, then you’ve
been doing …

Japan's 1,000-year-old warning

I listened to this report on NPR some time ago with an ear to history and the knowledge from history.

Other areas, like the islands in the Indian Ocean that are inhabited by stone age cultures, know and remember their history and lessons taught, the rest of us? Seem to forget or don’t place much on history as we are speeding along in the present and don’t look back.

Listen to the old ones, they have seen, been through much and have much to offer.

“After a long day of field work, my colleagues and I were chatting with a community leader, Koutaro Ogata, from a fishing village called Murohama. We asked what had happened to him in the moments after the earthquake. He told us that he and his neighbors were well aware that a large earthquake would generate a large tsunami and …

7 Things Every Photographer Should Learn From Henri Cartier-Bresson

I came across this article in my twitter feed.

I am fan of Cartier-Bresson as well as the other masters of photography.

He and Ansel Adams, as well as others, teach us, to see, and not snap off hundreds of frames to get a couple of good shots.

“Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most famous photographers in history. In fact, we’ve written about him as a famous photographer before. Cartier-Bresson was the co-founder of Magnum (a photo agency of the day) who brilliantly captured the events and spirit of the 20th century. His life was packed with adventure and excitement, which he translated into the body of work that we all love.”


Google+: Photographers' New Hangout Sparks A Stunning Book In 3 Months

“In all, 15 unpaid volunteers led the production, including 11 photographers who judged entries for the printed book.

Everything Will Be Alright by Brian Day

They even crowdsourced their elite buyers, selling 200 limited edition copies before the book became available for general purchase last week.

It’s no secret that photographers, as much as any creatives, have a right to be paranoid about getting their work stolen on the web. Marakov says there’s a certain expectation of that, even as photographers try to find good ways to protect their rights without hiding the images or sullying them with watermarks. But the reward for posting photography on a social site like Google+, he says, is the vibrant marketplace it creates."

Forbes story

Photography as art

Mulling around in my head, how photographs and photography are generally thought of.

Photography and photographs seem to conjure up ideas and thoughts that they are snap shots in time of some moment, or cold mechanical pieces.

I get comments that I should use this or that, piece of equipment, or how or what did I use to make this or that image.

Does it matter?

When we submit pieces to museums for shows or galleries, we are not asked, what equipment we used, no, we are judged on the end result, the art.

This piece – Along a river in Spring

Vintage photographs and photogravures auctioned

Came across these auction results for platinum photographs and photogravures by Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz (Am, 1864-1946), View from Studio
“From the Back Window-291-Snow-Covered Tree, Back Yard”, 1915, Similar to National Gallery of Art Key Set: 421, appearance consistent with platinum print, hinged to mat.
Image size: 7 3/8 × 9 3/8 in.

$440,000 realized at auction.

And then Hand of Man

“Alfred Stieglitz (Am., 1864-1946), Hand of Man
“The Hand of Man”, 1902, similar to National Gallery of Art key Set: 278, photogravure on tissue or vellum, dated 1902 in lower right margin, in pencil, in hand consistent with Stieglitz, mounted to vintage mat with “To KNR 291” on reverse of mat in Stieglitz’s hand.
Image size: 9 3/8 × 12.5 in.&…

Film on Islamic art set for Toledo premiere

“Filmmaker Alex Kronemer said he didn’t want to just go behind the headlines, he wanted to go beyond them in the new documentary Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World.

The film, to have its premiere in Toledo Sunday, takes a global look at Islamic art and architecture in a way that reflects “the whole breadth and depth of Islamic civilization,” Mr. Kronemer said."

Toledo Blade story

How To Use Social Media To Support Yourself As an Artist

Came across this article, about artists and social media

“If artists are still starving in the digital age, they’re not trying hard enough. At DIY Days on Saturday, March 3, filmmakers, writers, performers, hackers, and other artists from 12 countries and 20 states gathered at The New School in New York City to brainstorm ideas on how to achieve a sustainable creative industry. The results were not large-scale solutions, but small steps individual artists can take to get their own projects off the ground.”


Calling All Artists: Downtown BG’s Art Walk accepting applications

“Area artists working in all media are invited to participate in the annual Downtown Bowling Green Art Walk on Saturday, April 28th. This is a great opportunity to showcase and possibly sell your art work.

Galleries will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will feature a variety of artists from throughout the region. The day will conclude with an After Art Walk Party and People’s Choice Awards, held at Grounds for Thought at 6:00 p.m. Visual artists may display their work in a downtown business or at the community gallery."


Stieglitz meets Misonne

I came across this publication; Stieglitz meets Misonne is the first part of a photo trilogy presenting an overview of the Anamorfose collection of vintage historical art photography.

And if you enjoy, vintage photography, you will enjoy this and the others.

Why I use Twitter

Sometimes, you just don’t know, who will find and follow or you will find and follow.

I found Urban Times An Optimistic Forward-Thinking Online Magazine

Well laid out, information and progressive.

I followed the COO of the site and she in turn followed me.

Then we chatted and then this Image of the Week

Social Media can help us to reach and find people who share common ideas and share those ideas.

And thanks to Stephanie for her supportive ideas and the site

Reggie - One of our team members

The team members that we share our space and lives with, in our dog rescue, help other dogs to be dogs, once more. So many have dogs have problems because they are not socialized enough.

Our team members help us with that course of therapy.

One of team is Reggie

We adopted him from a local Humane Society Shelter. We think he was about 4 to 6 years old at the time of adoption and he has lived with us for 10 years.

His health is failing. Hips and rear legs cannot support him.

He has seen many come into rescue and find homes. He is a friend, a companion, a confidant and has helped each dog that has passed through our house in some way.

His pain and anguish will end tomorrow and he will be running with the pack,


Opportunity: The Arts Commission invites applications for Art
Instructors and Assistants to teach in a six-week summer youth
employment program (June 25 – August 3, 2012). The holders of these
positions will be expected to maintain excellence in instruction for
the visual arts.

Program Description: The Young Artists At Work (YAAW) program provides
young people (ages 14-18) with a paid apprenticeship to learn artistic
and professional skills, under the direction of professional artists,
art educators or instructors.

Art Instructor Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in a discipline
related to art education, visual, arts or liberal arts is preferred.
Professional artists will also be considered. Experience teaching
youth from diverse backgrounds is desirable. Studio experience is

Facebook Buy Button?

Maybe I’ve been asleep at the desk or not visiting my own FB profile enough, but I found a buy button beneath one of my shared works on FB and the buy button brings the viewer to my art and they buy it.

ecommerce simplified.

The photographs of an Abstract Expressionist painter Lyonel Feininger

I was browsing the news headlines and saw an exibition of works that are not the typical photographs.

Made by Abstract Expressionist painter Lyonel Feininger, whom, I did not know of.

Reading about him, “Hitler declared his paintings degenerate. Of course, Lyonel Feininger was actually one of the 20th century’s most important American avant-garde artists: at various times a Cubist, Expressionist and Secessionist. He’s also well known as one of the Bauhaus’s original faculty, and was even a distinguished newspaper comic strip artist. But a photographer? Really?”

His photographs are like his paintings and drawings, masterpieces.

Beware the phony Windows Security Alerts

One showed up in my Twitter feed, today.

I use Debian Linux, so the malware that was to be deployed to my PC and infect it, failed.

Do not click any where on the page, if you click the link. Clicking will cause the malware to deploy and you will have a heck of a mess to deal with.

The anatomy of a Phishing email

This gem hit my inbox.

Notice the from address? → From: PayPal <>

The click to activate my account, is this url <— This is not paypal

Do not fall for these types of emails. Paypal as well as the other financial institutions do not send out these types of email.

From: PayPal <>
Subject: Critical Information Regarding Your Account
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:29:56 +0100


information about your account:
Security Center

Attention! Your PayPal account was limited!

As part of our security measures, we regularly check the work of the screen PayPal. We hace requested information from you for the following reason: Our system has detected unusual charges to a credit card link to your Pay…

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Links: How To Find and Cite Images

Came across this blog post, “A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Links: How To Find and Cite Images”.

The author has laid out in clear and easy to understand language, the proper etiquette for the use of images, photo’s, etc.

“Writing great content can be challenging, but that’s only one step of the process. To make a piece of content look complete, it will usually include images.

Why? Images not only add substance and visual interest to a piece, but they also increase sharability and draw readers’ attention to different parts of the article (which is especially important nowadays when skimming is so prevalent)."

the article

Concerned about social media and websites?

It may be a blasphemous statement to make, but is there a need to put up nearly every piece of art, photo, writing, etc., on any site, social media, POD, etc.

Yes, there are ways to copy and paste our small preview images.

The code used to create the pages is there in the browser because the browser read the code to display the pages.

But, adding more and more art, of any sort, to an already bloated web, with the chance of it being used improperly, is not a solution.

Maybe, upload a few, selected works, those that have received notice or comments and use those to generate leads and comments and interaction with consumer, collectors, etc.

Having a large portfolio of work on the web, increases the chances, someone may copy a work and there is really nothing that can be done to prevent copyi…

How smartphone camera tech will evolve in 2012

I remember from my days as a Nortisu Technical Service Rep., the Kodak Picture Maker Kiosks when they hit the market, 2002 – 2003.

The kiosks had Bluetooth so all the cell phone users could visit their favorite photo lab or store and print pictures from the phones.

Problem, was, that the cameras in the phone were not all that great and the file size was small and Kodak was way ahead of the curve and within the last few years, the printing from phones and other portable devices has risen, as Kodak, shrinks. Story

A new alliance to combat phishing

What’s phishing?

Emails sent to people, asking the person to login to his or her bank account, eBay account or Paypal account to name a few.

Google and Facebook as well as others are coming together to help fend off the attempts.

Read what Phishing is and how to be safe Here

Web scraping, it's not just for art sites

" Dana White loves a good fight.

But the Ultimate Fighting Championship president may have second thoughts about mixing it up with members of the hacker collective Anonymous on Thursday night on Twitter, where he was on the receiving end of a brutal punch.

White’s personal information, including his Social Security number, cellphone number and address, was published online just moments after the exchange, in which he defended his company’s support of the controversial — and now-shelved — Stop Online Piracy Act." story

An article on our style of photography

When others write it best, well, she did.

“Ever wonder why some photographers’ work stands out more than others? Of course excellent technical skills will set you apart from the pack but once you’ve got all of those down, style is the next thing you need to tackle. For some photographers, style comes easy and almost effortlessly, however for many, developing your own style takes time and a lot of work.”

The Importance of Developing Your Own Personal Style in Photography

How to Find the Owner of a Domain Name

Not wanting to repeat what is already in a How To:

“You can find the owner of a domain name using a quick and free search. lets you find registration information about domain names, their owners and their referral URLs. So if you want to find out who is responsible for all that spam or who has the rights to the domain name you want to buy, do a Whois search.”

Read more How to Find the Owner of a Domain Name

American 20th Century Photography and Treasures from the Arthur Sackler Foundation

Reading about this exhibition in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, New Exhibitions Feature Pioneers in American 20th Century Photography and Treasures from the Arthur Sackler Foundation made me want to drive there and see the show.

The acquisition of a copy of the Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz would be worth the trip alone. I’ve viewed the Photogravures of the image, but never an original.

The image reminds me of why I see things differently than most other photographs. Sure we have ways to resolve an image to see the eyelash on a horse at a 1,000 feet, but for me, when we look beyond the tools and things we use, we see the image as a capture of time, not to be seen again and not a cold sterile rigid image, but one that makes us, think, and wonder about the image.

A digital archive of primary sources on copyright from the invention of the printing press (c. 1450) to the Berne Convention (1886) and beyond.

Copyright and copyright infringement is always a topic of concern and discussion.

I found this web site which traces historically the topic.

The year, 1590, and people are arguing over the printing process and what it means to authors and consumers

“The Dialogue starts with a survey of the historical origins of dedicatory inscriptions, going back to classical Antiquity, and then considers the abuses which in more recent times had come to mar this practice (such as excessive flattery on the part of authors). One of the interlocutors, Critone, argues that authors must not be moved by considerations of financial gain and attacks the invention of printing for having vulgarized literature. He defends the traditional view of authors as belonging to a disinterested, aristocratic élite. His…

Steven Kasher Gallery presents Weegee

We have one of his photographs from the Bowery in the 40’s. An image of two men have a discussion, complete with hand gestures and you can almost hear them arguing the point.

“NEW YORK, NY.- Steven Kasher Gallery presents Weegee: Naked City in conjunction with two major specifically-focused Weegee exhibitions, Weegee: Naked Hollywood at MoCA and Weegee: Murder is My Business at the ICP. With over 125 Weegee prints the gallery explores the full emotional and satirical and aesthetic ranges of Weegee’s photographs of New Yorkers and other urbanites. The exhibition features multiple prints from each of Weegee’s basic subjects: Song and Dance, Drink, Party, Spectacle, Circus, Love and Sex, Crime and Disaster, Citizens, Celebrity, Art and Weegee Himself. "


Help the effort to end animal abuse

An author of kids books, has generously offered to donate $1 to Angel On Call Dog Rescue, Inc., which me and my wife operate, from the purchase of any of her books

“Linda M. Moser is a retired elementary school teacher who has always loved animals, especially dogs, and is very concerned about the needless sufering many of these innocent creatures endure. Linda belongs to and supports many animal welfare and rescue organizations. But she wanted to share her love and concern for animals with a greater audience and also create an awareness. Linda has written two children’s books because she believes that if children are educated about animal abuse and neglect early in life, they can help stop the suffering. "

Moral Tales Press


“What is the You Are Here Toledo Project?

Many of us are quite familiar with the red circle and “You Are Here” dot affixed to many directories throughout America. These dots are wonderful assurances that we are, in fact, somewhere. The You Are Here Toledo Project (YAH) is a series of large one-of-a-kind outdoor “dots” that we will be affixed to various public locations throughout Toledo to promote positivity and enhance our sense of place. "


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