It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

Some times ya gotta just say it

I have a paying job.

I am a member here, because I enjoy it.

Clear enough?

Did people read the notice, about the changes to the challenges and the new chances for better engagement?

The site, the people that own the business are possibly teaming with brands and the brands may offer some goodies to us.

This gem, I mean seriously, does anyone think that someone in Toledo, Ohio can influence the business owners here and I am not their side, really? On their side, it is really becoming petty and overly emotional.

“You are always on the side of Redbubble no matter what they do and that’s fine if that is what you believe, but most people don’t.”


And it’s not about me, let me repeat it again.

I think, people need to clear their minds and approach it differently.

If, anyone thinks I am supporting anyone or anything and if anyone thinks my opinions matter to anyone but me, think again.

You give others way too much notice and alleged influence that they don’t have and don’t deserve.

Can someone show me one comment I have made to any member, that member is wrong and the site owners are right?

If people are pissed off, so be it, the members and users of the site didn’t make the changes, the business owners did and at the end of the day, it is still just a print on demand site, one of many on the web.

And if there is some petty grievance with me, I am open to discuss off these boards, but, I think, most understand they we have little to no control over what the site owners will do and don’t want to accept it.

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