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Wanna know why your photos are getting seen?

Much like the McDonald’s signs, billions, billions and more billions.

“In a feature on new trends in photography, published in Frieze magazine in November/December 2011, the American artist and writer Chris Wiley made a direct link between the post-digital image overload and photography’s ongoing crisis of meaning: “It is indisputable that we now inhabit a world thoroughly mediatised by and glutted with the photographic image and its digital doppelganger. Everything and everyone on Earth and beyond, it would seem, has been slotted somewhere in a rapacious, ever-expanding Borgesian library of representation that we have built for ourselves. As a result, the possibility of making a photograph that can stake a claim to originality has been radically called into question. Ironically, the moment of greatest photographic plenitude has pushed photography to the point of exhaustion.”


Journal Comments

  • Heather Friedman