Trash along the ways I travel

Most of my day, is spent driving from home to sites that need service, photo labs, metro-Detroit and Cleveland, Ohio., and can’t help but notice the trash and junk along the highways.

My first use of a camera was in Junior High School, for a class project and I documented, trash, garbage and junk, in my hometown, Danbury, Connecticut.

Fast forward to 2013 and I’m getting the urge to document once more, how many of us, use the planet as a trash receptacle.

Plastic bags flutter in trees. Tires, car part, you name it litter I-75 north and south in the metro area.

We pay state, city and other workers to pick up after us.

There was a movement, ya know the people with the tie dyed shirts, long hair, hugging trees, that wanted a clean planet and reminded us to do our part.

Some of us are still around and want a clean planet to call home.

Now, where is that camera of mine, I have a project in mind.

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