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Boston tragedy

The bombing and loss of life in Boston, is indeed tragic, and already come the calls if is this or it is that, perpetrated by someone for some cause, rebellious or ideologically driven, while we still don’t know the facts, we can whip up sentiments and falsely accuse others.

Reminded my of my hometown, which was bombed as well. I remember hearing of the boom’s and thought, it must be a train in the train yard, as we lived near the train yard.

Turned on the TV, NBC of out NYC and news coverage of the bombing.

People are prone to violence for any number of reasons and in the U.S., we’ve watched from afar while planes, people, etc., are blown on a daily basis around the world and we recoil in shock and horror when it happens at home, and yet, berate other countries for failing to curb this or that or try to intervene and force change.

“Moments after Ingram climbed out of the manhole to discuss the job with a foreman, an explosion rocked the ground and a three-foot section of a heavy wooden door hurled between them, smashing into a building on the far side of the street.”

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