All so many towels

Looking in our laundry basket, the other day, I saw we have so many towels.

It’s just the Mrs. and me and an odd assortment of dogs.

I thought, the week has seven days and we have well over two dozen towels.

I try to be thrifty and conserve on energy, usage, consumption, but two dozen towels?

If, and we do, launder them promptly, we use almost the same towels each time, yet, we have so many towels.

I started to think, is the towel company successful, as the company sells so many towels. Or, are we being wasteful by purchasing more, when a fewwill do.

And, how do we measure success?

By numbers of items sold? By being rich? By having the most toys, sports cars, boats, homes, land, etc?

Then I though being a person who makes art with a camera.

Do I need to make a constant stream of images to be successful?

I answered that question for myself, in 2012, at a show in Toledo, when a number of people connected with my work.

So, I consider Myself
to be successful and don’t see the need to produce more and more, in the hopes to be more successful.

How do you measure success?

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