Exhibition ‘Form Of The Good’
Atrium Gallery Sofitel Melbourne on Collins 2008
Image selected for publication through Penguin Publishing, on front cover for the Novel “Last Of The Braves” By Archimede Fussilo
Honorable mention for ‘The Depth Of Isolation’ at Art Gippsland Exhibition 2009
‘Murder of Crows’ series 2012
Introducing the ‘Escape’ and ‘Out Of Reach’ series of developing works within 2013

Regards Michael

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Thanks RB for the new ‘Collections’ functionality. It is making it easier to display my work in themes. Wonderful I love it! Check it out and organize your portfolio now! / Regards Mick
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SIX Laminated Prints Sold

How exciting selling six prints in one go. Thank-you to whoever purchased the work, / Regards Michael
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Image to be used for CD Cover - Consider your tagging!

Hi Everyone, / This morning i recieved an e-mail from an independent UK record company who would like to use one of my photographs for a CD. As you can imagine this is very exciting. This is the second time i have had this sort of success as earlier this year i was approached by penguin publishing to use an image for a novel. / When investigating how did they find my work , in both instances the…
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FOUR T SHIRTS & 2 Calenders - SOLD last night!

Wow this blew me away! Thanks to the person who purchased my work. / Regards M:>
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