Trinity Beach, Australia

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Australian designer/creator. After more than 14 years in Japan I have moved back to Australia and now based in Cairns, Queensland.

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36 images, over 6,000 views

Wow I find this so surprising. Some pics have found attention in interesting places – the choccie pic is this months avatar for the Food for Thought group, and the pic of my cheeky bear somehow is a feature photo in Oh Baby / Feels a little bit awesome to get a heads up now and then (^_^).
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oh my goodness...

It seems that my photographs have had over 1,000 views now – quite surprising for only 19 images!
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Finally Becoming Braver

Finally putting some photographs up. Have been blushing about the reactions… not sure why I was so hesitant to put them up to begin with. / Being a precious artiste? (~_^)
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Yes I can see this is not going to be kept up….. (^_^) / Too many journals all over the place already!
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