can anyone suggest groups for my work?

getting sick of my work being rejected from groups on redbubble… i read the ‘rules’ carefully, think i’ve covered the brief, but apparently not!

any suggestions? feedback welcome!


  • Loisb
    Loisbover 2 years ago

    I have no real suggestions since it seems all your works have the safe filter on. I do not belong to any groups that accept images with safe filter on but they do exist. I would suggest that you go though the groups until you find ones that match your type of images.

  • Mizz1
    Mizz1over 2 years ago

    thanx Loisb.. yeah i’ve already done that.. i’m getting rejections from THOSE groups.. what’s left? hmmn.. i researched them carefully, chose carefully.. RB is not feeling as friendly as it used to be. have you noticed a change or is it just me? hardly anyone comments on my work anymore. thanx for yr help Loisb x