Girl wearing blue.

Rustle bustle life of the market.

These faces of familiar contempt.

A talk that deceives along thin chord of happiness.

A bargain that never seems to end.

A girl wearing blue.

A beautiful girl wearing blue.

Walks across my vision.

Noticing me unravelled.

Disappears into an old fancy street.


Still holding her silhouette on my cornea.

An unanticipated reappearance.


Concocted emotions.

Dust of calming alliance.

And I whisper to her..

Beautiful you are wearing blue.
Like that bird which unveils rarely.
Dancing through the lanes of freedom.
With beautiful restless eyes.
Searching for something apparent.
You are a perfection.
But little imperfections are always an attraction.
I search for them..I remember.
A scar that resides above your eye.
A secret that stays in your heart.
An imp…

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