Having recently returned from living in Vietnam where I learnt the new medium of smoke-soot, I have been putting my new skill to the test… the SIZE test.

The latest works you will see here vary between 90×60cm, to 150×120cm.
all employ the smoke-soot technique applied to canvas using dry brush. I am currently working on some collections for galleries in the Northern NSW region.

For any questions, commissions, or welcome chats please email me.


The Vietnam adventure:
in 2012 I lived in Vietnam for a spell while my wife taught English there. My goal was to capture the experience through my art. However, being in a small city with minimal western influence, art supplies were hard to come by.

One day as I was searching the streets I stumbled upon an art school. I tried speaking to the teacher, but he has no English, and I no Vietnamese. I persisted in visiting his class every couple of days and, seeing my dedication, he took to teaching me a rare art form. I cannot say if it is a technique he invented or learnt elsewhere, but you can imagine collecting the smoke from an oil lantern and painting with this ‘soot’ to be a good substitute for charcoal. Applying it to paper using a brush has been a new and interesting skill for me. I’m enjoying it thoroughly and hope to ‘master’ it in time.

I hope you enjoy my portraits of life in Vietnam. The people really are wonderful.

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