Yesterday was eventful

It had been raining for the past three days straight. The creek out back was so high that it was covering the bottom two steps at my back door. Yesterday morning at 7 am, firemen came to my door and told me I had to evacuate, probably for a full 24 hours. We’ve been living in this hellhole for almost nine years and I’ve seen some hellacious spring storms, but I’ve never been evacuated before! I called my friend Peggy and she took me, my two dogs and two cats out to her house for the day. I couldn’t get a hold of Chris at work and had to tape a note to the door. Soon after, my neighbor joined us with her three dogs. I’d had no sleep at all, the house was crowded and noisy so I couldn’t grab a nap anywhere in the house, so I sat around with them drinking vodka and orange soda in the kitchen. We waited with the radio on, listening for an announcement about the flooding. Nothing. Finally, we called the sheriff’s office. What we were told sounded like they were deliberately trying to alarm us — we could go home any time, but we might get flooded in our homes and/or might not be able to get our cars out of the area tomorrow. I kept hearing that the water in the nearby Green River was really high. So I had no idea what I was going to find when I got home and I was exhausted.

Anyway, at a little after 4 pm Chris showed up to get me. Turns out the water in the creek was a foot below the edge by then, well past more than a foot away from the back steps (we have pretty much no yard here). I was so tired when we got home that I went right to bed, leaving poor Chris to fix his own supper. Thankfully, he’s not as helpless as some men I’ve met. I can hear the pump going in the creek right now. I figure we got off easy. 4 people have died in Kentucky in the past few days and I hear that the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee is under water.

As a side note, it seems Peggy was rewarded for her kindness. She won $50 on a scratch-off lottery ticket she bought yesterday.

Yeah, we’re still offline. I have to use my neighbor’s computer.

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