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Thoughts About Grief

My grandmother died this morning. She was the only close relative I had left. All the others are on my father’s side of the family, and even though most don’t live that far away, I’ve been out of contact with them since my mother died in 2001.…

I arrived early at the nursing home this morning to accompany her to the cancer center in Campbellsville. The paramedics were loading her into the ambulance when she stopped breathing. She had a living will, so they weren’t supposed to make any effort to resuscitate her, but I told them to bag her (that is, use a breathing bag to try to start her breathing again). Instead of the cancer center, they took her to the emergency room at Jane Todd Crawford. I had to sign a few papers while they worked on her. Their efforts failed and they brought me in to

Well, I'm back

We’re online again. I’ve finished putting all the new banners from my groups on my profile page and have even joined a couple of new groups. Plus, I’ve uploaded a spring photo of redbuds in bloom. I’ve also updated my DA profile and sorted through my gallery. I’ve joined Shadowness at the invite of a friend, but it has such strict limits on the size of files non-paying members can upload that it doesn’t look like they’ll be very useful to me. Anyway, now I can enjoy these art sites and look at other people’s work!

Still offline at home

I don’t know when I’ll be getting internet service again. I hope it won’t be long! When I do I’ll contribute and participate again.

In other news, I found out that I have high blood pressure around the first of October. Fortunately the medicine I need is pretty cheap. Both my parents had high blood pressure so I knew it would get me eventually. Oh well.

Yesterday was eventful

It had been raining for the past three days straight. The creek out back was so high that it was covering the bottom two steps at my back door. Yesterday morning at 7 am, firemen came to my door and told me I had to evacuate, probably for a full 24 hours. We’ve been living in this hellhole for almost nine years and I’ve seen some hellacious spring storms, but I’ve never been evacuated before! I called my friend Peggy and she took me, my two dogs and two cats out to her house for the day. I couldn’t get a hold of Chris at work and had to tape a note to the door. Soon after, my neighbor joined us with her three dogs. I’d had no sleep at all, the house was crowded and noisy so I couldn’t grab a nap anywhere in the house, so I sat around with them drinking vodka and orange soda in the kitchen…

How to play Greed (aka Chicken)

Financially, times are tough and I’m worried about my husband’s health at the moment. During tough times we always wind up playing Greed (also called Chicken) for some reason. Maybe it’s because you need so little to play. The game is most fun with 3 or more people but can be played by 2. Here’s how it works.…

You need 6 regular 6-sided dice, the sort that are often available in packs on their own or found in other games, like Yahtzee. You also need pencil and paper for keeping score.

First the players each roll a die with the highest roll being the one who goes first. Second and on is determined by going clockwise from the highest roller. Each player must first roll 450 to get on the board. Before getting on the board no rolls by that player count. Scoring is as follows: 1=100, 5=50, with

Birthday Musings From an Insane Woman

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” I’m 39 today. Pardon the self-pity herein. I hope I don’t sound too self-pitying as I look back, but I am seriously trying to figure things out. Some of these things happened a long time ago. Most of all, I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me and what, if anything, I can do about it.…

I’m glad I opened this account now. I can’t do this on DA nowadays. Here I can say whatever I wish. I can put this out in the open and still retain a measure of privacy. On DA Chris and Noah would be sure to see it and I don’t want to upset them. But if anyone answers this entry I’d prefer they were objective replies, not just well-intentioned reassurances.

I’ve always felt alienated from everyone else. By alienated I don’t mean excluded so mu

It'll never be the same

Now I know why the Overlook has been closed off all year. They’re making alterations in there to make it accessible to bus tours! They’ve already torn down some of the trees that can be seen in one of my photos.

The Overlook is the area at the Green River Lake State Park (in Kentucky), which is where I’ve shot most of the photos I’ve uploaded to RB so far. It’s a very beautiful and peaceful place overlooking the lake. I’d like to convert the stone office into a house and live there. It’s my favorite place in the world.

Soon the noise of tourists will drive away the wildlife. I won’t be able to get a shot of the lovely scenery without someone being in it. And they’re probably going to tear down more trees to make a bigger parking lot for the buses to turn around in.

I could just cry.

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