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the blog connected to that website is cdunningphotography blog and of course one for vampires …and that one is
vampire dream lovers

I am in my early 40’s and have always been interested in photography but it was only in the past few years that I’ve gotten back into it more heavily. I am always striving to improve myself. I do have a photo that is published in the “canadian wildlife” magazine in the december 2007 issue. and its this one here : I am proud of that accomplishment. I have sold a few prints to people at work and online. I have also been credited with photos on a few websites and even had a "photo of the day " on cbc television on more then one occasion. Even more news: I won runner up in a local contest and the photo I am in a local calendar for 2008. Pretty exciting news. The photo is on here its called " ooh that hit the spot" . I’ve been credited on a few local hockey team websites for my photos as well.. I was team photographer last year for a manitoba hockey team. I have had a few photos on ctv’s weather photo of the day.. I left the link in a journal post.
I have recented obtained some extra lenses for my camera and I am trying them out. I am also trying out some more creative work. I have also started using, poser, daz, vue and carrara to create my images.

I have started a 2nd profile on here….
dark mistress to showcase my 3d artwork i’m gonna slowly move the artwork over to that profile from this one and upload the new 3d stuff so I can separate the photography and other work

I have recen’t joined this site and have uploaded a few images here too
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I have a zazzle gallery as well come by and see it
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still alive

I know i’ve been gone a long long time..but i’ve had a lot going on this year…started off with my father in law dying..then my mom getting sick and almost dying in the hospital….had to put her dog down…then I lost my cousin unexpectedly and now…well my step father is in the hospital and it’s just a matter of time…he does have Alzheimers….and w…
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i'm still living...

however, things haven’t been that great..almost lost my mother..she’s still not well but at least out of the hospital. It was pretty close because she became septic…she’s home but in a lot of pain…has to get around with a walker…so.. things are no where near normal. i’ll be back soon..hopefully..oh its month end at work so today was 8 am till 6:48 pmR…
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sorry that I haven't been around

a lot is going on in my life, with the step father in the nursing home. my boyfriend jim..his step father is terminal with cancer..not sure if he is gonna make it past christmas or even to it.. . I am actually working now at an inbound call center …taking calls for donations to various charities including the salvation army both in canada and the united states. I feel good helping people bu…
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an update on me

Well, first of stepfather has made it into a nursing home..however his health does seem to be going downhill. They say he now has a heart problem and his legs and feet are swelling up pretty good…more then i’ve ever seen …my mother is still stressed..she now has the flu to deal with as well. He is scaring some of the staff at the home because he gets mad pretty…
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