A little challenge/request for my RB friends ....

Hey guys – many of you will already be aware of my ‘Muse’ character that pops up in my gallery here and there ….
As you may know, I see him as the keeper of my creative energy – my ‘soul protector’ – a kind of guardian angel without the christian overtones.. He emerged spontaneously in a drawing many years ago, and remains my most important drawing .. and I think we all have one.
My challenge, or request, is -I WANT TO SEE YOURS!! I’m fascinated to see what the amazing artists on this site would produce when they sit down and let their muse emerge.
There are only two stipulations – that the muse be guarding a candle, and have something growing from their head…. hope that’s ok!
I’d be delighted if any of you took this up – have fun…!!

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